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Introduction Accommodating customer requirements in most supply chain arrangement requires a forecast to drive the process. (book page 133) When looking into the definition of forecasting which is projecting what is going to be sold (units, seats, rooms etc) it is also important to take into consideration where and when in order to reach the future goals. (book page 133) Since it is argued that effective supply chain and logistical capacity is an important competitive advantage. (Christopher 2005) Where maximizing the revenue is the key element in hospitality sector and for hotel industry there is an increased attention on effective demand management and forecasting for reservation systems. ( …show more content…

£ - Premier Inn revenue 1.822 mil. £). Managing the rising demand is the main challenge if they want to maintain their leading position and rising popularity in the market. In annual report it has been stated that insufficient reservation system and failure, caused business interruption, process failure and financial loss and taken given place in Principal Risks and Uncertainties section in annual report. ( annual report andreas risks) This essay will mainly focus on the importance of demand forecast and management in Hotels Industry by using Premier Inn Data and concentrate on the possible improvements can be achieved through Advance Booking Methods in Forecasting Hotel Reservations. Methodology This study will make inferences by content analysis in line with “Analyzing the Use of an Advance Booking Curve in Forecasting Hotel Reservations” “Hotel reservation methods--a discriminant analysis of practices in English Hotels” “A comparison of forecasting methods for hotel revenue Management”. As well company information from annual reports (2014 and 2015) will be analyzed with regard to occurred reservation system failures to conclude recommendation for how capacity utilization and demand management can be enhanced by updating current reservation system with better forecasting capabilities. SWOT Analysis Premier Inn …show more content…

Because, internet today is enabling web-based suppliers an opportunity to meet a choice of different types of customers (Schoenbachler&Gordon, 2002) and has evolved as a feasible distribution channel for the firms that wish to expand their market penetration (Frazier, 1999; Frazier & Antia, 1995), reduce costs (Payne & Frow, 2004), increase revenues ( Kotler, 2000), spread risks, and strengthen customer loyalty (Kelly, 2002) through its use (Hobmeier, 2001).now most of the hotels are using the multiple channel strategy where they are in partnership more than one sales and distribution channel to serve the same target market and this has grown in the recent years. This is creating higher complexity for the hotel management as the data are coming from different partners. As customers, today are using multiple channels, it is almost certain that the future will remain to contain a mixture of even more complex channels (Balasubramanian , Raghunathan, & Mahajan, 2005). Since now, it is obvious that why hoteliers employing multiple channels including electronic ones, is no different; to maximise customer awareness and market share and reduce costs, this increasingly widespread trend to cooperate with new channels rather than stick to

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that effective supply chain and logistical capacity is an important competitive advantage.
  • Explains that whitbread is one of the biggest and most successful hospitality brand in uk with well-known brand costa café and premier inn hotel chain.
  • Explains the importance of demand forecast and management in hotels industry by using premier inn data.
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