Human Contribution in Climate Change Essay examples

Human Contribution in Climate Change Essay examples

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Interactions between human and the ecosystem have been operating for millenniums, and are impossible to eliminate, as each depends on the other in order to survive and flourish. However, as modern technology advances, as well as the increase in the world’s population, the need for natural resources begin to rise to an alarming rate which has started to gradually destroy the ecosystem. Recently, there has been an increase of sea levels in region whilst other rain-bounty areas have begun to experience their first droughts. This phenomenon is known as climate change. Climatologists have concluded that human activity has played a major role in contributing to the changes, therefore requiring extreme measures before this phenomenon evolves into a catastrophe. In this essay, we will discuss human activities that contributed to climate change, as well as addressing possible solutions to the phenomenon.
According to the IPCC, climate change is defined as variations of climate conditions and its fluctuations existing on a long term particularly decades or longer (IPCC's Glossary, 2006).The alteration varies from changes in temperature, humidity, precipitation to the rise and fall sea level, or severe changes in landscape. Since the 1800s, the earth has had variant changes in global hemispheric temperature which mostly depicts the decrease of temperature. However, at the start of 1970s, temperature begins to rise up simultaneously in all regions for over roughly a century, an event that was unseen before (Figure 1.1) (Jones, 2011). Furthermore, as earth’s temperature is getting warmer, the ice in the Arctic Ocean began to melt in the warming temperature. The liquidation of the Arctic Ice has been occurring since the 1970s, however in Septem...

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...dition, fossil fuels not only unleash carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but also is harmful to human when exposed for a long period of time, new energy resources would be needed to replace it such as, wind turbans, biomass energy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, and hydroelectric energy (Alternative Energy).
In conclusion, evidence has pointed out that weather patterns, and climate conditions are shifting at a rapid rate that has never happened before. As the environment worsens, drastic measures must be taken to prevent it before the earth’s ecosystem will be permanently altered to a vast and hazardous environment that is inhabitable. Interaction between human activity and natural environment is inevitable, as it has always been in harmony until recent years. Regulations must be set to ensure that one party does not overpower and destroy the other.

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