Human Cognition And On Overall Brain Functioning Essay examples

Human Cognition And On Overall Brain Functioning Essay examples

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I am curious about the complexities of human cognition and on overall brain functioning. Specifically, I am interested in the neurobiology of memory and learning, and how dysfunction of key components underlying the neural circuitry could lead to catastrophic effects as observed in many clinical conditions. This curiosity has led me to Dr. Sheri Mizumori 's research lab on Neural Systems, Decision Science Learning & Memory (NSDSLM). Dr. Mizumori 's lab seeks to understand the plasticity mechanisms within neural systems that underlie normal and pathological mnemonic functions. I specifically worked with Dr. Phillip Baker on his postdoctoral research project, which is focused on the role of the Lateral habenula 's (LHb) involvement in behavioral flexibility. In this project, we trained rats to preform cued switching tasks and examines whether LHb is required for switching behavior before negative outcomes are experienced. Throughout the duration of this project, I was involved by participating in many aspects of this research. I handled and trained the animals, collected data, analyzed results, and assisted with writing our findings for publication. Through these responsibilities, I learned about measuring different variables in a hypothesis, comprehended how to interpret data and look for significant results, as well as communicating at a scientific level to produce a journal article.
According to the prior research findings in our lab, our current research is seeking to answer more questions about LHb’s involvement in behavioral flexibility. Consequently, Dr. Baker is now examining which aspects of cognitive flexibility the LHb is involved in, such as the cues themselves, the reward, or the decision making during the task. In a...

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...tivation of seeking improved treatments for the patients suffering from such disorders. Dr. Shohamy’s patient studies can help us understand the brain regions involved in cognitive dysfunction, which can lead to improved treatments. Furthermore, both professors uses functional brain imaging, which is fascinating to me since it can be used to detect dysfunctions on a finer scale. Therefore, collaborating with either professor would provide me with a valuable opportunity to understand the neurobiology of learning and memory, and how dysfunctions in related brain regions can lead to various pathologies. I believe my deepened interest, supported by the experiences and skills I have developed over the years, will motivate me throughout this journey. Hence, I look forward to contributing all that I have towards our progression in the functional understanding of the brain.

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