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Anger is an immediate reaction to an obstacle. It is a strong negative emotion of displeasure, hostility or fury that might occur to anyone on any occasion. Anger generates other bad feelings such as fear, disgust, shame, irritability, outrage, hostility and even violence and the aggressive response it generates can harm you. Anger is a punishment to you for somebody's fault. Anger changes the behavior pattern of the person as a result of changes in his emotional status. it is accompanied by physiological and biological changes. Actions resulting from anger often lead to undesirable physiological and health consequences, because the neuro-transmitters/hormones (eg. adrenaline) released during anger intensify impulsive action and obscure rational …show more content…

Expressing, suppressing and calming are the three ways of dealing with anger. The healthiest way is to express your feelings in an assertive - and not aggressive - manner. Suppressing your anger and then converting or re-directing it to other positive ways, is another way. This way of handling of anger can cause hypertension, high blood pressure or depression. You can defuse anger through diversion, distraction, humor or by talking about it, so as to calm you down. The third way is to force you to calm down inside, by controlling internal responses. You can be angry every day but learn not to show it so as to minimize the problems it may create, by any strategic manner. Culture does not allow one to show anger. If anger is not allowed to express, it stays in disguise. Anger built up over years can break even …show more content…

But don't get angry on anything and everything. When you get angry, choose to let it off, take a few breaths, or countdown to ten, or analyse why you are upset. Realizing that you are caught with anger is the right way to begin to deal with it. All your anger is about something what has happened in the past or will happen in the future and not what is happening in the present moment. So if you can be in the present moment you cannot hold on to anger for long. So be in the present moment to avoid holding on to anger. Physical exercises can relieve your

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