The Human Brain Is An Extraordinary, Complex, And Fascinating Organ Essay

The Human Brain Is An Extraordinary, Complex, And Fascinating Organ Essay

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The human brain is an extraordinary, complex, and fascinating organ that we as humans posses. The brain does not only help with our bodily functions, but as the brain matures it creates who we are, based on our past experiences. The brain contains many roles as to how we react and develop. The videos that I watched gave me remarkable insight of the human brain and its various tasks. The films revealed how the brain develops, adapts, and is emotionally driven, which makes us unique.
Brain development is such an astonishing aspect of the human body. In this modern generation there are continuous studies to discover every feature on how the brain works. This first video Inside the Human Body shows exactly how brain development starts to form. The development first starts in the womb, where the brain is making 8 thousand connections every second. That is why other studies indicate or recommend to speak, read, and play music as the baby is in the womb to help increase their brain connectivity. This communication between the parent and the infant is pre-training for when the child starts to use their other senses after birth.
The video also mentioned that as a child is born they are instantly able to recognize their mothers and start to use their visual and hearing senses. It is also interesting to find out that as an infant in the womb we were visually trained with the use of our rods and the small amount of light detected through our mothers belly to see in the dark. The light adjustment of the pupil sends a signal to the brain and creates an image. As more light enters the cones, in the eye, are activated to create a colored world/ image. A visual image is not possible without the interpretation of the brain. Generally, the brain i...

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...are such an important aspect of brain functionality because they drive us to act and react to how we socialize, rationally think, and feel alive. Without them our daily experiences would not help us use rational thinking.
Developmental, adaptive, and emotional connections make our brains become more understanding of our environment and our individual selves. The topics discussed were quite insightful. It has given me better comprehension of how we connect, learn, and understand, to become the powerful, emotionally driven, and rational human beings. All the stories mentioned and the ones not gave me a mesmerized feeling in how amazing a human being can become with the adaptations the brain makes. Learning about the brain and its functions truly opens my interest to learn even more about the human life and how every single detail works together to make us who we are.

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