HRM Strategies Needed by Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies to Achieve High Performance Work

HRM Strategies Needed by Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies to Achieve High Performance Work

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High Performance Work (HPW) is absolutely essential for the associations to manage the to a great degree aggressive markets. Absence of organisational effectiveness or techniques would absolutely push the association in the negative course. In this paper Leadership and Human Resource Management (HRM) ideas are contemplated for expanding the superior working of the Janssen Pharmaceuticals. The collaboration and HRM procedures utilized by the Janssen are assessed. The assessment is carried out on the premise of proper hypothetical models. The ranges in which the association is solid and powerless are unmistakably distinguished and portrayed as a feature of the examination. Janssen which is fundamentally a Health care supplier has powerful HRM procedures. In the meantime there is so much the association can enhance in the fields like wellbeing, reasonable arrangement. Proposals for expanding the proficiency of the association are unmistakably depicted.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary................................................................................................... 2
Introduction ............................................................................................................... 4
Analysis...................................................................................................................... 4
About Janssen............................................................................................................ 4
Leadership…………….. ............................................................................................. 5
Human Resource Management (HRM) .......................................................................6
Conclusion.................................................................................................................. 10
.Recommendations..................................................................................................... 11
References................................................................................................................. 12

For Janssen pharmaceuticals, leadership and human resource management are two essential perspectives that need to be analyse. The primary motivation behind taking these two angles it is straightforwardly connected to the High performance work (HPW) of the organization. Separated from all other criteria, leadership is a special quality that straightforwardly connected to the accomplishment of the organization, in light of the fact that it incorporates the social relations between higher powers and their minimum employees. The intermediate managers are paramount on the grounds that his predisposition part of leaders and supporters (Clegg, 2011).
The relationship of representatives with the top level administration is not entrenched for Janssen, may be a direct result of the absent of immediate contact with one another. There are different exercises included in the Human resource management. They are enrolling the workers, setting up the choice and remuneration techniques. It additionally incorporates execution administration frameworks, offering the data and including the workers in an extensive manner.
All these exercises are done in a thorough way for procuring, creating and retaining the talented workforce. All these practices are by and large considered as high responsibility or high inclusion frameworks. In less difficult terms they are alluded as high performance works (HPWS). This idea is identified with strategic human resource management (SHRM). SHRM positively includes the managerial movements identified with communication and participation, preparing and advancement, recruitment and staffing and execution administration and compensation (Anthony et.

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al 2013).

The purpose of this paper is to do the in-depth analysis for leadership and human resource management by using different theoretical aspects and compare it with Janssen pharmaceuticals and provide appropriate recommendations for the improvement in high performance work.

About Janssen
Janssen falls in world’s largest researched based pharmaceutical companies, operated throughout the world. In the UK, Janssen employs more than 500 people. Medicine produced by the company are used to treat around 1500 million patients every year. Janssen is part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, which comprise around 250 operating companies throughout the world and employs approximately 1,20,000 people 57 countries, 6000 of them in UK.
The Collins English dictionary defines a leader as ‘a person who rules, guides or inspires others’, and the process of leading as, ‘to show the way by going with, or ahead, to serve as the means of reaching a place.’ (Hanks, 1986).
Leadership as behaviour
In this concept we can observe the leaders, follow them and correlate the way to teach them for the purpose of developing future leaders. This can be categorised in:
• Interacting and relating to other human beings
• The task at hand or the technical side of work.(Clegg et. al 2011)
In Janssen, employees are satisfied with their immediate level management and with their payments as more than half have more than £36,000 per annum. They are facing the main problem with their top level authorities.


The most recognised study on behaviour is performed by Blake and Mouton (1985), describes leadership as people oriented and task oriented leaders, generally referred as Leadership grid. The best high performance work is achieved by high score in both criteria (Mullins 2005). For the Janssen employees and line managers have problems with higher authorities because mostly of them are task oriented peoples. So employees fell stress during their work. They might be not have a proper time for their family and other social work due to pressure by top managements.
To achieve the high performance work in organisation they have to change their leadership quality. The role of human resource management is become crucial in such situation. They can achieve this by giving stress free environment to their employees, may be by giving some extra tour package or by rescheduling their shift timings. They can also encourage staff by evolving them in decision making activities or by direct contact with them, which is currently lack in the organisation.
We can understand it in better way by Linkert approach (1979). He argued that leader are divided into either employee centred or job centred. The organisation with having both the leaders results in to best high performance work (Clegg et. al 2011).

Table 2: Leadership qualities in Janssen as per Linkert theory
Employee centred Make decision by evolving their employees Line manage have quality but lack in top leaders
Job centred Task oriented leaders, not interested in employee’s point of view Both line manager and top leaders have this quality
Source: Clegg et. al 2011
According to this theory, the employee centred leaders are absent in top management, so this gap has to be fulfil to achieve the high performance work (HPW) in organisation. In short in top leaders have to contact directly to their least level employees, by motivating them, involve them in decision making, and creating stress free environment in the organisation. The role of human resource management become crucial at this stage.
Human Resource Management
According to Bratton and Gold (2003), human resource management is define as “A strategic approach to managing employment relations which emphasises that leveraging people’s capabilities is critical to achieving competitive advantage. This being achieved through a distinctive set of integrated employment policies, programmes and practices.”
Human resource management play a vital role in any organisation because it is a direct link between the employees and board of directors. Any decision taken by the top orders is implemented through the HRM. The role of HRM includes:

Figure 2: The role of HRM Source: Mullins (2005)

The role of HRM is to recruiting the right people at specific venue and time. Its HRM duties to reinforce the employee, motivate them and retaining the best talents of the company. The proper implementation of decision and successive training is required for clear vision of the company. The employee’s security and job satisfaction is another role that directly linked to the company success. Scheduling according to work load with motivating employee’s personal growth is one of the key role of the HRM (Armstrong, M. 2012).

TABLE 3: Role of HRM in Janssen
Recruitment management Hiring right talents at right place & time Good
Employee management To give proper direction and personal growth Good
Shift management Scheduling timings and working hours Poor
Stress management Various stress free activities Poor
Leave management Leave for employees Fair
Payroll management Leisure activities Good
Source: Mullins (2005)

The table above clearly describes where the HRM of Janssen need to be concentrate for achieving the high performance work. As it is weak in stress management it needs to be highlighted area of focus. The decision taken by HRM is depend on the higher level authorities. Employees are feeling pressure because their shift timings are not appropriate, in addition to this the leave management system and shift schedule may also not preferable for the employee because they are designed according to load of work pressure. These three area must be categorised according to the employee benefit if an organisation want to achieve the HPW target.
Now let’s take in to consideration the Pfeffer approach written in ‘The human equation’. He sets a seven point of view for HRM by putting people first in the organisation. This is the best theory to follow for achieving the high performance work in organisation. He has given the seven categories as describes in Table 4. Each factor has put its own advantage towards company growth. Each category tell us about the benefits to employee. The employee security and job satisfaction are the main criteria because company performance is mainly depend upon the employee’s performance. The success requires the proper implementation of all this factors according to the employee profile is necessary for achievement of given target settled by higher management. (Pfeffer 1998).
This theory is best describes by given table below as each of the seven categories define a special characteristic of a good leader, and is necessary for the achievement of short term and long term success for the Janssen.

Table 4:
Building profit by putting people first ‘High commitment’ HRM JANSSEN STATUS
Employment security And internal labour markets Good
Selective hiring And sophisticated selection Good
Extensive training And learning and development Fair
Sharing information Extensive involvement and voice Poor
Self-managed teams/team working Self-managed teams/team working an harmonisation Fair
Reduction of status differentials
High pay contingent on company performance High compensation contingent on organisational performance Good
Source: (Pfeffer 1998)

As per Pfeffer point of view the sharing information is lack in Janssen means there is no involvement of employee decision for the company. Their team work is medium that indicates that there is a good working environment in the company but they have not direct interaction with top managers. As the work pressure decided by them are resulting in the stress to the employee. In short involvement of HRM according to employee point of view is required for the company.

As Janssen is a part of Johnson & Johnson group of companies, it has to follow certain requirements decided by the top authorities. As a part of such a big organisation, it is obvious that there is a multicultural environment seen in company. So it is really a big task for any company to maintain unity in the diversity. Leadership and motivation are two basic and necessary characteristics that help to achieving this goal. If the company has the strong leader then it helps in achieving the high performance work (HPW) for the company. There is no doubt that Janssen has a very good leaders that lead the company with great team work and people friendly environment, but still the same quality is not observed in higher authorities.
As Pfeffer describes a good leader is has to be a good follower. In Janssen line managers have this characteristic so they are able to manage the work pressure in accordance with the employee’s job satisfaction. They have achieved both the leadership namely people oriented and task oriented, so at this level company has shown the enormous growth, But the former quality is absent in top leaders, This leads to the high work pressure on employees resulting into the stress. This gap has to be fulfil if the company wants to achieve the HPW objective.
The other key aspect that directly regards to success is the human resource management. The role of HRM is very crucial because of their functions. The basic and fundamental role includes hiring the good talents, to maintain company’s own talents and recruiting new leaders. The HRM plays a vital role in managing the employee relationship with the top managers. The HRM is responsible for employee’s personal growth, motivating them and involving them in various decision making activities.
The HRM is a link between top leaders and least employees. For better performance, good coordination between lone manager and HR manager is required. As HRM decides the shift and work timings of employees it is very important to correlate it with employee’s point of view. In Janssen all other functions are very well established, but main criteria is, they have to follow the decision created by higher managements. As employees are feeling stressful environment in the organisation, this will directly results in to decrease in performance as they are the heart of any organisation. In a nutshell, Janssen has to implement this two criteria describe above for achieving the High performance work as per expected target.
In both the key factors namely leadership and human resource management programmes need to be supervised for Janssen pharmaceuticals. Firstly, let’s consider the leadership, as discussed above employee beneficial decisions need to be incorporate in the top level. Although they are good task oriented leaders, but they have to follow the other characteristic too. An employee is the hard core of the organisation. One can achieve the short term target by doing so but for long term the company growth is declined.
The top level can make a direct interaction between them and employees. They can do it either by arranging monthly meetings or by meeting them personally. This is necessary because I think direct interaction with each other can leads to better understanding and decrease the communication gap between them. They can also motivate them by giving proper guidance of working environment under pressure and by giving them some inspirational visions that leads to stress free atmosphere resulting in improvement of high performance work (HPW).
The Human resource management (HRM) activities also need to be analyse. The rescheduling of their shirt timings is required as employees are feel that they do have get enough time for their families and other social work. To give them other benefits like increase in leave applications, by arranging some motivational programmes in company that they enjoy with their families. The implementation of on the Job training and off the job Training is required from the HR department (Wilton, 2010).
The HR manager can arrange some stress management programme within the company is also another way of approach. In addition to this as we have seen that there is no involvement of employee in decision making activity, this criteria need to be change as it feels good when employees see the organisation as their part if families. They can achieve it by involving some employee’s ideas for the improvement of the process. The inter location transfer once in a while is also another better approach if any employees needs to locate at his favourable location. In short, the evolvement of the criteria discussed above will definitely results in achieving the best HPW success for the company.


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