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3.0 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3.1 Introduction Research methodology is a set of procedures or methods used to conduct research. Research can be defined as the research for knowledge or any investigations and experiments to establish facts. In this chapter, the researcher discusses further on research methodology used in the current research to achieve the research objectives as previously highlighted in Chapter One. This chapter will discuss on research design, population, sampling design and data collection method. 3.2 Research Design Research design is a model of studies that allow the researcher to investigate the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. It also can be recognize as the formal documents of the research proposal. It comes out with at least 4 problems such as questionnaire to the respondents, which data are relevant, what data to collect and how to analyse the result. The purpose of this research is to investigate on factors which affecting human resources’ effectiveness. This study also examine the relationship that cause the effectiveness of HR. the researcher has chosen to use the cross-sectional studies as the research design to gather data and information to conduct the research. The researcher also use questionnaire as their primary data source as a research method to gather information. Questionnaire is chosen as a tool due to their accuracy and result cost validity. There are 3 types of research design which can be used in conducting studies which consists exploratory research, descriptive research and causal research. Exploratory research is used when few or no previous studies exists (Neville, 2007). While, causal research is a type of investigation in which the researcher has no direct... ... middle of paper ... ... chance to be included in the sample meanwhile for the non-probability sampling not each element has a chance or probability to be selected. Probability Sampling Sekaran and Bougie (2011) stated that each member of population has a known zero probability to be selected as sample subjects. For this study, researcher used a probability sampling method where all the respondents in population have a probability to be chosen as a subject. Unrestricted or simple random sampling Unrestricted or simple random sampling refers to every member in population has a known and equal chance to be selected as a sample. Researcher had used random number generator at stattrek to know the random numbers to be chosen as a sample. Then researcher had standardized the entire respondents name for both companies by using alphabet to ensure the accuracy of the calculation.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that data collection is one of the important aspects in research study, as inaccurate data can impact the results of a study and may lead to invalid results.
  • Explains that secondary data is easy to collect compared to primary data, but researcher has to review first the data and choose the best and suitable points to be included in the journal.
  • Explains that the journal that researcher chooses to extract the question about hr effectiveness indicates organizational commitment, employee job satisfaction, and employee empowerment.
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