How the Media is Affecting Teenage Girls Essay example

How the Media is Affecting Teenage Girls Essay example

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In this century there has been a lot of attention toward the media and how its affects young people. Joyce Garity, author of “Is Sex All That Matters,” and Steve Lopez, “A Scary Time to Raise a Daughter,” write about how media such as magazines, the internet, and television affects teenagers. Both authors talk about how the media is using sex and violence to sell products, thus leading teenagers to commit wrongful deeds, including lack of using birth control leading to unwanted pregnancy, imitating girls on the magazines, and cannot distinct between fantasy and reality. Both Garity and Lopez explains how the teenagers do not have individuality and lose their virginity at a young age; Garity uses personal experience to state the point about media pounding messages about sex and violence directly at young people.
Both authors, Garity and Lopez discuss in their essay about how the media suppresses teenagers from thinking as an individual. Garity explains how the media’s attempt Elaine into believing that her life is supposed to be like the girl in the Claiborne or Guess advertisements. If an adult views a sexually explicit commercial, they are more likely to enjoy the art work behind it, but when a teenager views the same commercial, they are more like to suppose that their life style have to imitate the commercial. Elaine can not distinguish between fantasy and reality. Garity gives an example of a commercial of a girl having her toe nails painted by her lover, and they both are semi naked. She explains that after the girl finishes her photo shots packs her bag, probably never sees that guy, and goes to her next photo shots. Adults can view this reality, teenagers cannot; teenagers like Elaine believe that their lives have to mir...

... middle of paper ... wrong messages about sex and violence. Teenagers, in this century assume that their lives have to be like the people they see on television or magazines, and media is taking an advantage of this fact. This is important because teenagers are trying to be perfect like the people they see in media, they don’t realize that what they see is a fantasy, and in the end, they ruin their lives by getting pregnant and/or being abandon. The parents of these media victims, should not leave their children unsupervised, and should not put their credit card down for a 13-year-old to shop in Madison Avenue, as Lopez said. The parents and the schools should teach teenagers about reality and fantasy (that not everything they view is real), and they should also teach about how the media is trying to allure them into believing that what they see is real in order to buy their product.

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