How Technology Has Changed The Way Teens Interact And Communicate Essay

How Technology Has Changed The Way Teens Interact And Communicate Essay

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1. Describe how the initial research question evolved until data collection phase completion.
The initial research question began with the notion on how technology has changed the way teens interact and communicate. The more I conducted research on the matter of adolescents and technology the more my research evolved. Finding studies from the Pew Research Center, and the Journal of Clinical Psychology I began to see a bigger picture on adolescents and their use of technology. In reviewing studies that focus on adolescents, social media, communication, technology, device ownership and hours consumed has provided a small window on adolescents and technology.
Throughout the research, I notice there was one area that lacked focus, and that was whether the use of technology has replaced face-to-face social skills. With this idea at hand, I then formed my actionable research question to address what was lacking in other research. Thus forming the question of “How does the usage of electronic devices influence the way adolescents communicate face-to-face?” Keeping in mind that there are pros and cons to every situation, I addressed several sub-questions that will answer this final question. These sub-questions address advantages and disadvantages, effects, and dependence of technology. Once I determined what area I would focus on I determined the variables to which I focused the research and my data collection. The research focused on the following areas: demographics such as adolescents ages (13-18); sex (both male and female); types of devices; consumption in a day on a device and face-to-face interaction; preferred method of communication; and comfortability level between the two methods of communicating. Knowing the limitations o...

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...roviding additional findings and insight to the subject at hand.
a) Describe the single biggest take away from the IST 594 research project, and explain.
The one take away obtained from the IST 594 research project is how preparation is essential to the project. The IST 594 research project is performed in stages, which helps with getting all the pieces to the bigger picture. If a student attempts to perform the research project in a speedy manner, it will only lead to an incomplete research project. Vast amounts of data are hard to collect, therefore, preform a pre-collection of data and then a final collection of data. This will aid the research project and it the focus of data collection. The single biggest take away obtain from the IST 594 research project is how a thorough research is conducted and the time that is needed to perform a proper research project.

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