Essay on How Technology Changed The Landscape Of Our Society

Essay on How Technology Changed The Landscape Of Our Society

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Technology rapidly changes the landscape of our society. It’s important for a company to remain current by utilizing technology both internally and externally. Externally, companies should be using social media sites such as Linked-in, Facebook and Twitter and their corporate websites as a tool to promote their business products and industry expertise. Technology is used as a method to communicate to both prospective and current customers as well as to the surrounding communities. Internally, technology sets the pace as to methods companies will use to communicate with their employees, store documents, and conduct processes necessary to survive in a competitive nature.
I worked at Integrated Insurance Services 4 years ago. At the time, social media had exploded the marketplace and although it was essentially used for personal communication, companies were now faced with how to interface with employees utilizing their smartphones and computer to check in on Facebook or other social media sites. It was necessary for social media policies to be developed as we attempted to “control” the usage of social media during work hours, so that employees could be productive in their work. However, contrary to our beliefs there have been studies that have shown that employees that reward themselves with visits to their social media networks intermittently with task completion are 9% more productive than their “blocked counterparts” (Gracielle, 2016). There was a manger at IIS that would obsessively look at the amount of time that employees were spending on social media sites, and would discipline their employees or block them from usage of the Internet sites as a method to help employees to remain productive. Instead, employees develo...

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...his arrangement. Sporadically, she would call in and communicate that she was working from home. This did not fare well with other workers, who felt it was unfair for her to be able to work at home but now allow others to telecommute. Management did not communicate on this policy or as to their viewpoint of other workers being able to work virtually from home. It would have worked more effectively if management had set specific days in which the accountant had worked from home.
Although it has been 4 years since I departed from this company, I feel that they are still behind the times and it is detrimental to the operation of their business. Companies need to be able to move as rapidly as technology in order to be a success. Companies big and small need to be creative in their lines of communication, and customize the processes to the workforce they employ.

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