How Sound Does Sound Affect Our Lives? Essay

How Sound Does Sound Affect Our Lives? Essay

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Sound is how many animals communicate with each other. Sound allows birds find one another, even when they separate. Sound also helps bats navigate through the dark, using echolocation. Sound alerts animals to danger, helps them track prey, and find their way in the dark. Sound as perceived by humans, means being alert to everything happening around them. Though sound is not the only way for humans to communicate, it is the way most are taught to understand. Sound can also affect feelings. Hearing the noise of traffic may make one uncomfortable or upset, while hearing one 's favorite band or artist may place one in a happier mood. The physics of sound explain how sound works and how it is perceived by humans. Knowing how sound affects everyday life is important because sound can change how one feel.
Some things to know about sound are different ways sound is perceived. The main ways for sound to be perceived are: texture, loudness, duration, localization, pitch, and timbre. The texture of a sound varies depending on location. The texture of a school cafeteria during lunch will be different than the texture of a school library. Loudness is the amplitude of a sound. A chair being pulled across the floor will sound louder when scraped across a tile floor and will be quieter than one being pulled across a carpeted floor. How long a sound lasts is the duration of the sound. Long duration of a note may make one perceive it as lower than if the note was played shorter. Sound localization is the ability to determine the source of a sound, or to detect the direction of the sound origin. When a phone rings, sound localization can be used to determine where the phone has been placed. Pitch is the rate of vibration, measured i...

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...of death. Today sound can be used as a weapon to destroy eardrums and cause disorientation and severe pain. In more modern setting, sound is sometimes used as a way to control crowds. In Grimsby, Hull, and Lancashire, a sound device, called a "magnetic acoustic device" have been used to deter teenagers from hanging out around shops. The device releases a high frequency pulse, sound 19 - 20 kHz, that can be heard by people under approximately 20 years of age, making the targets uncomfortable. Hearing loss that happens naturally, allows those in their later twenties and after to not be affected in the same way. Though, there are cases where teenagers have not been affected, it all depends on their exposure to higher sound pressure levels. To deter burglars, some security systems set off a high frequency pulse, close to the sensitivity peek of humans hearing (2 - 3 kHz).

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