The Impact of Digital Signal Processing

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There are a great number of applications for Digital Signal Processing and in order to better understand why DSP has such a large impact on multiple aspects of society, it helps to better understand the wide variety of applications it can be used for. Here we will briefly look into the following applications of Digital Signal Processing and their uses; speech and audio compression, communications, biomedical signal processing and applications in the automobile manufacturing industry. Li Tan [1] goes into detail with each of these applications in his book, Digital Signal Processing, and explains how each are used on a daily basis. A. Speech and Audio Compression Most of the applications in terms of speech and audio compression may seem obvious at first, but what most do not realize is the scale at which it is used. Some of the more common examples include: telephone communications, compact disc players in the form of digital audio coding, stereo sound systems, speech recognition and playback, noise reduction/filtering after voice recognition and speech synthesis [1]. The uses of DSP for speech and audio compression is certainly not limited to these examples, but just these alone are examples that the general public use through various devices on a daily basis often without realizing the function of the systems and processes that go into their operation. B. Communications The uses of Digital Signal Processing in communications has become so large scale that nearly any form of analog communication is considered obsolete. Today, nearly any form of communication used, aside from verbal communication, relates to Digital Signal Processing. Some of the more prominent uses for DSP in communications are; local area networks, cell pho... ... middle of paper ... ...l concerns has led to the development of a new type of attitude described as "global citizenship" in contrast to strictly being a citizen of one's nation. REFERENCES [1] Li Tan, Digital Signal Processing: Fundamentals and Applications. Burlington, MA: Academic Press, 2008. [2] The Council of Economic Advisers, "The Economic Impact of Third-Generation Wireless Technology". Oct. 2000. [3] Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Old Dominion University. "The Broader Impact of DSP in a Global, Economic and Social Context". Norfolk, VA. 2013. [4] D. Aranda and J. Sanchez-Navarro, "The Young and Digital Technologies: Defining Spaces for Leisure, Participation and Learning," Universistat Oberta de Catalunya. Barcelona, Spain. 2009. [5] R. Emanuel, "The American College Student Cell Phone Survey," College Student Journal, vol. 47 no. 1, 75-81, Mar. 2013.

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