How Social Work Affects Our Lives On Both A Macro And Micro Level Essay

How Social Work Affects Our Lives On Both A Macro And Micro Level Essay

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Gender has a significant role in our daily lives on both a macro and micro level. A person’s gender relationship with the greater society in which they live continuously impacts their notions of self and permeates the social, political, and economic structures with which they interact. In this paper, I will examine how my learning in this course has developed and influenced my perception of what I bring to social work; further examining, and subsequently comparing and contrasting peer-reviewed journals regarding the gender equity issue; and concluding with learning goals that I hope to achieve throughout my next year in the social work program.

Part A

This course has contributed to developing my learning of what I bring to social work as well as helping to more concretely shape my perception of the ideals and practice techniques that are integral for an effective social worker to demonstrate in their practice. As I progressed through the course, the information, class discussions, and readings in the course pack helped me to develop upon my strengths and understanding of social work and the application of its practice. Furthermore, throughout the course progression I became more adept at recognizing the growing number of ways in which my ism of gender interacts on both a macro and micro levels with that of the individual and larger society.
I believe one of the most important theoretical aspects that I had held previously and that the course greatly helped in expounding upon is the idea of humans, society, and each individual’s place within being very much developed and “defined” if you will, by our interactions. This existence of interconnectedness and being a part of a larger whole, both parts influencing the other, has al...

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...les for both women and less frequently, men (CASW Code of Ethics, 2005). Practicing in a manner that recognizes the interwoven systems of oppression and how they relate to the individual is essential to exacting structural reform that more equally allocates resources and access to those resources, as well as policies and procedures. The actions that social workers make on a daily basis and the ways in which they interact with their clients should reflect the goals and core values of social work practice. I believe that understanding the gender component will better help in gaining an adequate depth of a client’s relation and own perceptions about their individual social location, seeing as it is a reality that deeply-rooted patriarchal beliefs in societal context have had an enormous impact on the lives of both men and women and continues to in present-day society.

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