Importance Of Diversity In Social Work

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Recognize the Importance In social work, a social worker has to come to the client’s level and start from there. The client does not have to come to the social workers level. In order for this to happen the social worker has to know the importance of culture, race, gender, sexual, diversity and other forms of diversity to make the best decision for choosing a type of intervention. Understanding the client’s culture, race, gender, sexual diversity and other form of diversity is important because they affect each person differently. An example, Roberto is Latino and in their culture they believe in machomism, so this is something his social worker needs to know when addressing Roberto or someone of the Latino culture. Hispanic women bring machomism…show more content…
However if the client is twenty-seven years old, but just looks like she thirteen then this intervention doesn’t have a good chance at working. Also according to NASW Social workers’ primary responsibility is to promote the well being of clients. ,this social workers have to recognize the importance of race culture, gender, sexual diversity and other forms of diversity. Generalist Social Work Practice According to the textbook "EBP is a process for making practice decisions in which practitioners integrate the best research evidence available with their practice expertise and with client attributes, values, preferences, and circumstances."(Rubin & Bellamy, 2012, p. 7). EBP changes according to the client and the particular case. The social worker has to examine all aspects before picking an intervention. A systematic review of multiple interventions research studies is one EBP that can be beneficial to generalist social work practice. My purpose for selecting this form of EBP is because every case, situation, or counseling can always benefit from researching previous treatment…show more content…
Which means that a crisis intervention is probably the best intervention to use because he is about to get his family evicted and he has nowhere to go which would make him homeless. After finding the data and similar stories I would specify the research. I would research illegal male immigrant rights in the United States for health care. For Roberto to perform at his best, he will need health care for his back, especially because he needs to get back to work so he can support himself. Then I would create my conceptual framework and last but not least I would verify the data and start the next process in

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