How Smartphones Impact Education And How Their Differences Affect Their Conclusions

How Smartphones Impact Education And How Their Differences Affect Their Conclusions

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According to an article from the Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone today. As this statistic continues to rise, more and more aspects of our lives will be impacted in irreversible ways. Consequently, the incorporation of smartphones into daily life is being fought on some fronts, including that of education. There exists a significant rift within individual educational systems on how smartphones should, or should not, be used in academic facilities. Conclusions from research found throughout the different academic disciplines are not fully agreeing with each other. Therefore, I propose to examine how these different disciplinary perspectives affect the rhetorical strategies of scholars researching how smartphones impact education and how those differences affect their conclusions.
The concept of a “smartphone” is said to have originated in the mid-1970’s shortly after the first mobile phone was completed. The idea contemplated combining the functions of a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and mobile phone into one device. The first attempt to combine these two devices into one was made known in 1992 when IBM released the Simon Personal Communicator. However, the actual term “smartphone” was coined in 1997 when Ericsson released their GS 88 concept which was slightly smaller and more portable than IBM’s Simon Personal Communicator. In spite of the constant innovation within the smartphone market during its first couple of years, it was still an enterprise product not readily available to the public. Japan, however, paved the way by popularizing smartphones and beginning the transition to a readily-available consumer product in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.
From the late 1990’s up unt...

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... to provide quantitative data exclusively. Additionally, each article has a different overall tone and conclusion due to the difference in writing and research techniques. “The Effect of Carpal Tunnel Changes on Smartphone Users” has a direct tone and is very straightforward with the audience, letting the reader know that repetitive use of a smartphone can adversely affect one’s health leading to ailments like carpal tunnel. The author’s approving tone of “Using Smartphones to Supplement Classroom Reading” supports having smartphones in the classroom because of the motivation and engagement opportunities that would be provided. “Impacts of Smartphone’s on Society” stands as a middle ground between the other two articles. The authors seem to have a hopeful tone; however, they provide many positive and many negative impacts of smartphones on the educational system.

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