Cell Phone Use in Schools Should Not be Banned

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Should students be able to use cell phones during class periods? This is a question a lot of students and parents have asked themselves. The invention of cell phones started a debate for many schools. Many schools accept the use of cell phones but experience a lot of frustration over them. There are many reasons for and against the use of cell phones in schools. People who support cell phone use in schools are usually teenagers. People who disagree with cell phone use in schools are usually teachers or parents, who think cell phones are a distraction. A lot of students see cell phones as a useful device but many see them as a distraction during class. Throughout this essay you'll read about the pros and cons regarding cell phones usage. Overall, this essay will attempt to argue that students should be allowed full use of their cell phones during school hours. Firstly, cell phones are a useful object when needed in an emergency. When parents need to contact their kids, they would have access to talk with them on their cell phones. People say "But there's phones in the office", So? What if office staff are out for lunch? What if the emergency happens at their parent’s work place? So, what would they do? Go out and look for them? Cell phones are very useful in that situation! If an emergency happens how would their kids know when to turn their phones on? So, a good comprise would be to turn on your phone and set it on vibrate. Schools should allow cell phones in school for children's protection and safety. Secondly, cell phones can keep you connected with your buddies. Instead of screaming, and yelling in the halls to ask your buddy for books you can simply call them on your cell phone. Some students ask... ... middle of paper ... ... and cons of cell phones. Staff obviously chose no, because they had never experienced cell phones in school before, when they themselves were students. Back then, cell phones didn't even exist! Adults tend to think that tradition must be maintained. Out of the results, most people actually said that cell phone shouldn't be banned for many reasons. In conclusion, this essay has tried to argue that cell phones are valuable tools in schools. Many of us see cell phone pessimistically but really haven’t looked at them optimistically. We all know that "with every good, comes a bad, and with responsibilities, come consequences". By all means allowing cell phones in schools is a great idea, and students should start to learn the positive features of that new device. Overall, this essay has attempted to show that allowing cell phones in schools is not a bad idea.

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