Nicholas Carr's How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds

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In “ How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds,” Nicholas Carr is persuading his audience to refrain from and shorten their amount of smartphone usage, and he reveals his perspective on how he believes that smartphones are hijacking our minds, and causing issues in our society. Carr cleverly uses several devices to persuade his audience and to drive his point home. Among these devices are statistics, comprehensive language, and reasoning. Nicholas Carr uses statistics to involve the data he has found to support his claim that numbers don’t lie. “In both tests, the students whose phones were in view posted the worst scores.” Carr uses this example to provide evidence of how smartphones pose as a distraction and interrupt students from their work. Carr also uses “nearly a hundred secondary schools.” This example is used so readers can grasp the large amount of schools that are involved in the issue. Lastly Carr uses “The subjects whose phones were in view posted the worst scores, while those who left their phones in a different room did the best.” This example shows that smartphones don’t have to be present for a person to get a good score on a test. …show more content…

Carr writes “Your new phone, like your old one will become your constant companion and trusty factorum- your teacher, secretary, confessor, guru.” This example says that smartphone have become a persons best friend, and they steer us away from interaction with actual people. Carr also writes “We need to give our minds more room to think.” This example is saying that we constantly rely on our smartphones and that we need to change that and allow our minds to do work on their own. Lastly Carr writes “We love our phones for good reasons.” This example is Carr including himself into the issue and engaging with his

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