Persuasive Speech On Mobile Phones In Schools

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Can you see yourself without a cell phone today? This world has become so technologically dependent that it is hard for anyone to not use a cell phone, a computer, or some sort of device at least once during the day. Since technology has come so far, better education should be possible. Cell phones are a way of communication and can make people feel safe, so it is hard to believe that most schools ban them. It is time for schools to see that technology is the future and it is growing rapidly, along with educational and safety features. The use of cell phones in schools is one of the biggest issues being debated today since technology is growing more and more every day. Higgins discusses in his article that Datla, a sophomore says, “Using technology in everyday life is not that new to us because we grew up with technology.” The current generation has grown up using cell phones, computers, tablets, and many more devices their whole life. Some schools have installed free Wi-Fi so students can get high-speed Internet on their mobile devices, but it comes with a few rules. For example, the …show more content…

With so many school shootings and terrorist attacks happening, cell phones are a necessity to help you feel safe (Higgins). With a cell phone handy, if something were to happen there would be ways for you to call 911 and get help. In Higgins article, Dan Domenech says, “This trend first emerged after the 9/11 terrorist attack.” Many people like to have a way of communication and a type of security to make them feel safe. In Higgins article, Dan Domenech continues, “The issue of security and red alerts on terrorism threats became an issue and school systems began to relax the prohibition on cell phones in school.” School shootings do not happen very often, but if and when they do students can be prepared to have the opportunity to call for help and explain what

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