How Obesity Became An Epidemic Disease Essay

How Obesity Became An Epidemic Disease Essay

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In “ how obesity became an epidemic disease” J. Eric Oliver discusses the negative impact the perception of obesity as a disease can have on the American people. Oliver begins by explaining the advent of the description of obesity as a disease and explains the fallacies in the argument that supports this description. The author argues that the data was misleadingly presented in a biased way to suggest that obesity is a spreading epidemic rather than a consequence from personal lifestyle choices. Oliver then delves into the ever-changing role of the CDC, explaining that many aspects of the human condition have slowly been medicalized and deemed diseases in need of a cure. According to the author, it appears that the inflation of the severity of obesity is often due to the commodification of the health care system promoted by the weight-loss industry and the need for passing the CDC budget through congress. The author argues that there is no clinical evidence linking some of the most abundant diseases in America to obesity.The author then makes the connection between the cosmetic industry and the weight loss industry, claiming their motives are highly intertwined; often problems are labeled as a medical problem when it is in fact a cosmetic problem driven by society’s standards of beauty.
In “Our Absurd Fear of Fat” Paul F. Campos explains that there is common misconception between mortality and obesity. Statistically, there is a decrease in mortality for people who are over weight to grade 1 obese. If one was to medically link weight to mortality then, these should be categorized as healthier weights than the so called healthy weights as outlined by the BMI scale. Campos attributes this false linkage between health and obesity to...

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... connection that many statistical studies are proving that there is a correlation between being overweight and a lower mortality rate. Despite this information, there is mass panic about being overweight or slightly obese. This further suggests that the cause for panic may be rooted in cosmetic interests, not health interests.
The third article by Johnson differs from the others in that it suggests that obesity is a major concern for society. Her paper focused on the disproportionate growth of obesity in communities of lower socioeconomic status. While she references a study that backs up her position of obesity being a killer, she does little explain this point of view. Her analysis of environmental factors causing obesity is very well explained yet the paper does little to combat the opposing views the other articles that obesity in and of itself is not a disease.

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