How Internet Has Affected Social Media and Connections Essay

How Internet Has Affected Social Media and Connections Essay

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According to Science, the global takeover of the internet has grown exponentially since its first beginnings in 1993. It communicated only 1% of two-way telecommunications but has grown to be 97% in 2007. The internet’s growth along with technological advances in communication devices has made the world a more connected place. We are now able to make one phone call and reach someone across the world in a matter of seconds, in addition now you can also see that person through a simple wireless connection through the internet. Now that we have this accessibly, companies are able to relay promotions and giveaways to their consumers without deterring our eco balance and bring more businesses to the internet world such as Technology of the modern age has greatly impacted communication and social media aspects in a positive light.
Technology has influenced the business communications largely as time has moved on. Businesses where often using flyers and eco destroying ways to further their businesses and get consumers but now that they have the internet it is easier for them to just have an email subscriber list and send ads that way. Also they can expand their businesses to farther away places. For example if a company was based in the United States they could send advertisements to people in China, Australia, etc. and become a worldwide brand. The internet is large part of what is branding business today and making them a big part of the world today. Businesses are using their advantages of the internet to further themselves.
Recent technological advances have further social interactions all over the world in comparison to what was present in the past. Showed with this excerpt from which descri...

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... connecting with loves ones and staying in touch with those that you find important in your life. Technology of the modern age has greatly impacted communication and social interaction in a positive light. With this technology you can further not only your social aspect as well but also your career that you may have. Business/social networks such as LinkedIn can further your lifestyle in a positive direction as well. Technology furthers your chance of making in impact somewhere other than a 50 miles radius of yourself. You begin to make mountain out of molehills and make the world a whole different place. The internet is a great part of social interaction but it is also a large part of the many things that make the world the place that it is today. There will still be more advances as the world continues and one can only hope that it will be accepted as time moves.

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