Essay on How I Make An Effort

Essay on How I Make An Effort

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As far as analyses of oneself go, I hope that this one will be enlightening and make sense. I make no promises, but I do make an effort.
To begin with my background, I am the first of three kids, and I was born in a suburb of Purdue, a college town in Indiana. My parents both worked with the college ministry at our church where they were very involved and spent much of their time on campus at Purdue University. Now, many years later, I’ve been told that the group they were with actually had some problems that made them similar to a cult (lots of pressure on people to live a certain way), but as I child I was unaware of all these things. I was happy with a group of people who always seemed so welcoming and interested in playing with me as a baby.
My dad came from Illinois, where his dad was an engineer (just like him), and his extended family lived farther west as farmers. My mom was from Southern Indiana, with ancestors who once roamed the hills of Kentucky and Indiana and tenant farmed. I was born just two years after they had started their life together in Indiana working for the church. From there, after both my sister, Emma, and my brother, Jadon, were born, we moved to Lansing, MI for my dad to go back to school. There I experienced a greater diversity of people with regards to race when I first went to school at Windermere Park Charter Academy in Lansing. A few years later we moved again for my dad’s job to Saline, MI, a mostly white, Christian suburb of Ann Arbor. I went to middle school and high school there, got multiple pets, met many friends and a boyfriend, and then moved to Indiana for college this past summer. The reason I am here is a result of many factors, and since I have to explain it to almost everyone who f...

... middle of paper ... we’d read ahead just for the fun of it) and the intake of new information fascinated me. When I went to school in 4th grade for the first time, I was so excited every day to get up and learn something new. Of course, like all students, my enthusiasm for getting up in the morning to sit in class and receive homework dwindled as the years went on, but to this day I still love the leaning part of school. My first few years of schooling were fun, and I made that association as I continued my academic career.
Later on my educational journey, after I started public school, I had to overcome some obstacles, like test anxiety. However, as I went on, I found more and more things to learn and love. The summer before 6th grade we moved from Lansing to Saline, MI. We chose Saline because my dad had gotten job nearby, and Saline was said to be one of the best school districts

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