Effects Of The American Dream

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The American dream is the idea that anyone, regardless of their upbringing and past, has the capability to pursue their desires through hard work and dedication. The idea of a better life has attracted many people from around the world to follow their dreams and create a new life for themselves in the Unites States. The taste of the American dream has become a concept most notably wished for that has attracted many people to flock to the states. In fact, the framework has been around for generations that it might have contributed to the diversity in our country. However with the recent economic crisis America has been faced with in recent years, is the American dream even achievable anymore and will it cease to exist? The economy is not as…show more content…
Many immigrates migrated to the United States to escape poverty and a monarchy society to start a new life and have a chance at wealth. Generations and centuries later, the concept is still being applied and provides hope that anyone can overcome scarcity for those that are self-determined. In modern society the American dream is viewed as the ultimate way to secure a successful future, one that brings wealth and a prosperous life. Earning a college degree, owning a business, buying stocks, and living in a good home are some standards that people strive to live up to. We are taught at a young age that we should strive for success and should work towards a successful career. Parents place their children into prestigious schools even before entering kindergarten, believing that teaching discipline and vigorous training while they’re young will create an impact and benefit their future (Croteau & Hoynes, 2010). For other families that don’t come from high end wealth, having their children climb the social ladder is the only option they have to achieve high social class. The choices their children make will determine if they remain in the same social class or fall below or above the poverty line. That can contribute to why in the lower class education is highly emphasized even before a child is old enough to…show more content…
I was born into poverty even before I was even born. My way of life was set even before my existence. Growing up I was strongly encouraged to dedicate my energy into my school work. Knowing that someday all that hard work and dedication will one day pay off. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school when I realized the true importance of going on to college really was. The only reason I excelled in my studies was because I was always enforced too, so when it came down to my decision to continue school I didn’t know what to do. I decided that even with a degree in today’s economy it won’t have much of an impact. But I couldn’t have been more wrong than ever. I eventually came to my own senses and decided for myself that all my years of being in school, planning for my future, long hours of hard work and perseverance shouldn’t go to waste. I shouldn’t waste my own intelligence and give up on what’s important. For me, a lower class civilian, the American dream is very much alive and achievable. And it guarantees a better life for me in the future. I decided to go to college because although I knew I should continue my education, I never realized how important it was for my future and well-being to have that knowledge and use it to better use. Although I may not come from wealth and will have to work twice as hard as the rest, I believe that as long as I remain
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