How Has Texting And The Internet Influenced Our Communication? Essay

How Has Texting And The Internet Influenced Our Communication? Essay

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How has texting and the internet influenced our communication? Or ability to learn? What has social media done to our relationships? What has been the net influence of such powerful technological for communication in one’s schooling or social life, done to our humanity? Many could say the influence has bee for the better. Many could say it has been for the worse. Indeed, the internet can both help and hinder communication and, therefore, the quality of learning and human relationships we develop through it. There are many points to praise or scorn the influence of the internet on communication. So rather than adopt a simple argument such as “the internet is good/bad for communication because of such and such reasons,” the following essay will argue that the negative side effects of digital communications technologies are numerous, but that there are some benefits to come with it. Considering the effect of such technologies in schools, reading, writing and learning, and also considering the effect of such technologies on social relations, will illustrate this point more fully.===========
Carr notes that “the Net is becoming a universal medium, the conduit for most of the information that flows through my eyes and ears and into my mind (Carr).” And while the internet, for example, helps make so much more information accessible to the common person, Carr further warns “that boon comes at a price (Carr).” Not only does the internet give us more information, but it has greater influence on what we think, how we think, and therefore how we communicate (Carr). Most notably of course is the effect of prolongued use of the internet and digitial multitasking on the ability to maintain sustained concentration on a given task (Car...

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...or explains: “Exposure to technology isn’t all bad. Research shows that, for example, video games and other screen media improve visual-spatial capabilities, increase attentional ability, reaction times, and the capacity to identify details among clutter. Also, rather than making children stupid, it may just be making them different (Taylor).” .===========
Indeed there are defintely grounds for making the argument that the effect of such technologies on human communication (and therefore learning, human interactions or relationships forged through it) is not all one sided. One must become aware—and crtical of—the wide range of effects of such communication, particularly when it is so new. To categorically deride or promote the value of such technology can only prevent a skewed picture of its effects—and at a time when we have so much more to learn. .===========

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