The Influence Of Texting

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How often do we text? Text messaging is a very useful way to communicate; but, there are occasions where texting is unnecessary, for example in meetings, watching movies, interacting with family, and even in the shower. However, while texting can be overused, it can also help us get to know one another in easier and faster ways. In Natalie Y. Moore’s article “The Rule of Thumbs: Love in the Age of Texting," she explains how the use of texting it is slowly destroying the love between two people (Moore, 1). Although, some people might agree with Moore points of view, when she argues that texting is killing romance and it should be reserved for some notifications, such as “I’m running late;” others might disagree with this idea …show more content…

In the article “The Rule of Thumbs” Moore discusses the use of text messages in a romantic relationship. Also, she points out the negative effects that the new generation of technology has had on today 's relationships and she clearly gives her thoughts on how technology interferes with today 's relationships, with the consequences that technology is slowly killing romance. This essay expresses many strong points about the use of texting and I lean towards Natalie Moore’s opinion because texting has strongly changed the way we communicate, unite, and become literate. After all, while analyzing the role that text messaging demonstrates for communication today, it has open four main arguable points that if it is discussed it would be easy to realize that texting is a hard issue overcome. In other words, texting not only has become part of our life today and it has reduced face to face interaction, but also texting has destroyed dating and the way people write or communicate to one

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