How Does The Form Influence Your Reading Of The Text? Essay

How Does The Form Influence Your Reading Of The Text? Essay

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- Is the form of the text identifiable as narrative/non-narrative, saga, myth, legend, historical narrative, scholastic writing, dialogue, parable, etc.?
The form of the text is historical or story/narrative, because it is sequential.

- How does the form influence your reading of the text?
The form of the text made it easier for me to read, and understand.

- Are there specific bridge words that move the message of the text? How and where do they lead you in your engagement of the text?
The idea of “Moses coming down from Mount Sinai, after forty days,” creates curiosity and expectation in me as it did on they original crowd. I wanted to know what news he had for us.

- Which words have history that bears examination or have greatest (and least) relevance for the present reality? Why?
The phrase “tablets of the covenant” have the greatest relevance for me. If I place myself in their situation, I really want to know now, what it is about that we missed the first time.

6. Connect text and context:
- What topics or themes arise or could be developed from the text in light of the preaching context?
Topics possible to develop for the sermon are, forgiveness, transformation, and eternal hope.

- Are there parallels to be made between the context of the text and the current situation of the congregation?
Yes, people in their life journey many times get away from the Lord, then complain and make “idols,” this is a human mistake, that could happen to any of us. The key is always to go back to the Lord, repent and ask for forgiveness. The Lord is always willing to forgive the one who sincerely looks for him.

- How much of the historical atmosphere and feeling does the congregation need to experience imaginatively for the text to op...

... middle of paper ...

...s we noted before, the people are conservative.

- What are the demographics and the congregational context in which the sermon will be preached?
50-100 members predominantly white, and very traditional worship services

- What current issues in the life of the congregation need to be addressed?
The issues are that English is a barrier for the immigrant people to be involved in the church, and their style of worship is much different.

- Identify broader social, cultural and economic issues beyond the immediate congregation that need to be addressed.
I notice two problems to be addressed: 1) Serious unemployment in the area, and 2) Drug and alcohol use among the young in the community.

- What are the societal, political, world or other issues that need to be considered in the development of the sermon?
The world today is idolatrous and wants to live without rules.

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