On Being Anointed and the Great Awakening

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Why do we need another Great awakening? When I think of an Awakening, even after our class, my mind immediately goes to images of eighteenth century revivalists like Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, Jereena Lee and a large constellation of other preaching giants of yesteryear. These men and women created a legacy of spiritual fervor which has earned them a place in the annals of American religious history. Their effectiveness as preachers of the word and proclaimers of truth permeated a nation’s consciousness and snatched the nation from spiritual decline. Several questions arise as I think of the Awakenings of years past. My first question is whether our nation is as spiritually receptive of an Awakening as it was two hundred years ago. My second question arises out of pure intimidation at the prospect of preaching a great awakening. I ponder inwardly; can the power of the Great Awakening be duplicated ever again? Are the conditions of the nation such that there needs to be spiritual renewal? There is a variety of potential issues which a Great Awakening can speak too. William McLaughlin notes in his book Revivals, Awakenings and Reform that there have been several “Awakenings” in American religious history ,and that not all of these moments of renewal resembled the fiery preaching frenzies of the famed eighteenth century. Each “Awakening” had at its core a specific issue it was addressing. The issues in question could be spiritual declension (first Great Awakening), national back-sliding (second Great Awakening), biblical interpretation and liberalism (third Great Awakening), or American identity and progressivism (fourth Great Awakening). Thus, it is perhaps my own limitations that bristle at the idea of preaching the n... ... middle of paper ... ...ting and preaching. I think that claiming one’s unique voice and message is the key to joining the Great Awakening movement. People are transformed by encounters with the genuine. I hope to be the vessel that is truly me and truly what God wants for me to be. For me the next steps are full time pastoral ministry. God willing, I will have a congregation of my own. I look forward to the pastorate because in my heart I know that is where I think the most transformative and world changing aspects of my ministry will occur. I look forward to awakening people’s lives with the Gospel. I look forward to joining a community and growing in faith together. I am excited because God has anointed me to preach good news. And the good news is this; all of God’s children have a stake in God’s transformational work. We are all anointed to preach good news. It is time to get ready.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that eighteenth century revivalists like jonathan edwards, george whitfield, jereena lee, and other preaching giants of yesteryear created a legacy of spiritual fervor which earned them an annals of american religious history.
  • Ponders whether our nation is as spiritually receptive to an awakening as it was two hundred years ago.
  • Analyzes mclaughlin's book revivals, awakenings and reform, which notes that there have been several "awakeneds" in american religious history, but not all of them resembled the fiery preaching frenzies of the famed eighteenth century.
  • Opines that an awakening is needed to turn this nation, its culture, and its people around in the face of drone strikes, unending poverty, mass-incarceration, etc.
  • Opines that the church has a unique role to play in bringing renewal and restoration to the brokenness of the world.
  • Describes the three goals of the paper, including reflecting on the calling forth of bold, brave, and anointed preachers in forbes' book the holy spirit and preaching.
  • Explains that isaiah 10:27 makes reference to god's anointing effecting change and setting people free. ironically, many have suggested that they were "anointed".
  • Opines that god's power is paramount to one’s ministry having an effect on the people we serve. the preacher must be aware of the spirit as they do their work.
  • Explains that the preacher makes a statement about the holy spirit just by entering the pulpit. presuppositions and definitions from across the centuries speak volumes about spirit led event.
  • Explains that the preacher is the conduit through which the community experiences the holy. the audacity to even consider the lofty task of speaking for god can only be done with divine empowerment
  • Opines that we need power in preaching if there is going to be another great awakening. the need for revival is great because it is one way through which god will get through to god's people.
  • Opines that revival is the goal of ushering in the world that god wants. god's reign on earth coming to fruition again has tremendous implications for those who wait for change.
  • Explains that preparing the masses for god is both empowering and intimidating. the message has implication for the messenger, who must live the message and give glory to god. mclaughlin and forbes agree on the goal of an awakening.
  • Analyzes how forbes posits that many in the church are scared of the holy spirit.
  • Opines that uncertainty is one of the biggest opponents to the anointing and that it does have its place in our wider lives.
  • Explains the dilemma of relinquishing control as an itinerant elder in the african methodist episcopal church.
  • Opines that if they are going to preach the next great awakening, there must be a surrendering of control. marian williamson insists that our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
  • Opines that the preacher who sparks an awakening in their community is ultimately the one who has surrendered their entire self to god's will.
  • Opines that howard thurman is appealing to them because of his emphasis on religious experience as the ground of change.
  • Analyzes how howard thurman's autobiography, with head and heart, gives sorted details of his spiritual development. his spiritual potential was branded on his body in the form of pierced earlobes.
  • Explains that thurman's potential for clairvoyance and prophetic vision was frightening to his family. they pierced his ears, but their efforts were futile.
  • Opines that howard thurman is a preaching exemplar for them in two ways. the first is out of the creative power that he places in religious experience.
  • Analyzes how thurman's emphasis on religious experience tells us something about his commitment to the individual person in mediating the holy in the world.
  • Analyzes how thurman's unique voice was the voice of a mystic. his perceptive eye and soul made him sensitive to god and humanity.
  • Analyzes how thurman's interpersonal relationships enhanced his unique voice. relationships of reconciliation are accomplished because of mutual understanding between two enemies.
  • Argues that howard thurman was special, anointed, with profound religious awareness and a distinct theological voice that made his message of common human relationships clear and concise.
  • Analyzes how howard thurman's homiletical craft was due in part to his content, which amalgamated all that he brought to the pulpit into an eloquent spiritual discourse.
  • Opines that thurman's style of delivery was enrapturing. they rely on their professors to tell them about the experience that was his delivery.
  • Opines that howard thurman preached with power from god. his keen awareness of god's presence and unique way in which he articulated his presence to the world made him an effective communicator.
  • Opines that howard thurman was an anointed preacher of his time. he preached out of the depths of god to communities and a nation torn apart by racial unrest and an impending war.
  • Explains that they are skeptical of the idea of preaching a great awakening, but keenly aware that their class could be used by the spirit of god calling them to consider how far their ministry can really go.
  • Opines that transformation is at the heart of preaching the gospel. jonathan edwards, harry emerson fosdick, and jesus under his special anointing preach a message of transformation.
  • Opines that their preaching could use more of what forbes and thurman in their own ways call for; surrender.
  • Opines that howard thurman's spiritual authority convinced martin luther king to take a spiritual sabbatical from the civil rights movement.
  • Opines that claiming one's unique voice and message is the key to joining the great awakening movement.
  • Opines that they look forward to the pastorate because in their heart they know that is where they think the most transformative and world-changing aspects of their ministry will occur.
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