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The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is a classic example of a story with its themes being expressed in the form of a heavy symbolism influence. Each member of the Wingfield family, including Amanda, Laura and Tom, has their individual internal and emotional struggles. These problems are represented with symbols that are strongly emphasized throughout the story as they relate to the family. It is apparent that Tom and Laura’s symbols are some of the most important. These symbols include the fire escape, the nickname “Blue Roses” given to Laura, and the unicorn figurine in Laura’s glass menagerie.
A particularly strong theme in The Glass Menagerie is not being able to accept unfortunate reality or escape it. This theme is shown with the symbols of the movies and the fire escape which connect to Tom. Tom, who aspires to be a poet, is unhappy with his dull, suffocating life and his job at a warehouse in order to maintain the family. He longs for adventure and excitement in his life, yet he is constantly frustrated and argues with his mother frequently. In order to escape this, he ...

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