Essay on How Does Global Warming Affect Us?

Essay on How Does Global Warming Affect Us?

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How Does Global Warming Affect Us ?

The earth is warming now. The climate change will bring us sea level rise, drought, flooding, desertification and so on. In short, the earth will become unliveable. Grobal warming means increase of sea and earth surface temperature since late 19th century. We need to aware how it is dangerous and how to prevent this phenomenon. Therefore, there are causes of grobal warming. Grobal warming is not start it by itself, but human interacting this problem.

The earth can keep warm because of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring process that aids in heating the earth’s surface and atmosphere.
Without the greenhouse effect, the earth would lose lots of heat from the sun, and would be chilly with an average temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius) (Nova 1).
The greenhouse effect is like a blanket because when solar radiation reaches the surface of the earth, it is reflected back out into space; however, some greenhouse gases absorb and reradiate this radiation to the earth (figure 1). So, some heat is kept in the atmosphere (CEOSR 1). That’s why the earth keeps warm constantly. //
However, the climate is changing from human activities, which have greatly increased greenhouse gases. We call this change global warming. Global warming is a phenomenon in which the earth’s temperature rises from an increase of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. When we burn fossil fuels as coal, gasoline, diesel and oil, it brings forth carbon dioxide. Because of human activity, greenhouse

Figure 1. Greenhouse effect

gases and water vapor have increased in the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolutio...

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...ghting bill by 80% to 90%. This will also reduce carbon dioxide. If people save energy, power plants will burn less fossil fuel to produce electricity, and then the emission of carbon dioxide will be reduced.
Third, we are able to use non-fossil fuels. For example, there is solar energy. Solar energy does not emit carbon dioxide into the air, therefore we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Also solar energy is safer than any other energy like nuclear power.
Lastly, planting trees will help human. When a forest grows, it absorbs carbon dioxide. This process is called carbon sink. The carbon sink effect of forests and farmland can reduce the carbon dioxide by half.

People need to aware why global warming is dangerous. Global warming is start by itself; people involve this problem, so need to have sense of responsibility.

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