The Greenhouse Effect: Causes And Effects Of The Greenhouse Effect

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The greenhouse effect is known as the rising in earth's temperature above from its normal temperature. In the atmosphere, there are certain gases, such as methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, water vapor, and ozone, which aid in this activity by reflecting the heat back to earth. Because of this process earth can maintain a suitable temperature. Around 57 degrees Fahrenheit, which are considered to be a normal temperature. The average temperature on earth would be zero degrees Fahrenheit, 18 degrees Celsius), if this radiation is not trapped, and as a result of life would not be as we are seeing now. In this way, these greenhouse gases are primary and very important for the survival of the living organisms on earth. What makes the earth, …show more content…

Due to large and excessive amount of these gases being discharged into the atmosphere by human innovations, the greenhouse effect is extending and this is causing the rise in earth's temperature that we have been encountering in the last two centuries. Since 1750, the use of carbon dioxide alone has risen about 36%, and since 1880, the earth's temperature has raised 1 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this may not be a huge increase, but the consequences it leaves on our environment and the organisms that live in are harmful and life-threatening. Adoption of this kind of quick change in temperature is challenging to plants and …show more content…

We can observe these effects every day. In both polar ice caps and mountain glaciers, the ice is melting. Lakes and rivers around the world are warming up rapidly. Animals are migrating and plants are changing their dates of activity. Global warming may also result to an extreme weather apart from cold or heat extremes. For example, hurricane formation. Increase in sea level causes many floods in many places. Another feature of climate change is lightning. According to a study in 2014, a 50 percent increase in the number of lightning strikes in the United States is anticipated in 2100 if worldwide temperatures continue to rise.
The effects of global warming on earth's ecosystems are expected to deepen. The rise in temperature had made the life very difficult for many animal and plant species. Some common warning signs can be seen today. A recent study shows that changes due to global warming compel many animal species to migrate at a higher altitude. Some polar bears in arctic side are drowning because they have to swim longer distances to reach ice floes. In California, shoreline, sea life is moving towards north, as a result of warm water and change in

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  • Explains that the greenhouse effect is the rising in earth's temperature above from its normal temperature.
  • Explains that trees are the largest land-based mechanism for removing carbon dioxide from the environment. deforestation is the second main cause of atmospheric carbon.
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