How Cultural And Gender Differences Can Affect Communication Essay

How Cultural And Gender Differences Can Affect Communication Essay

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I came to understand myself and others better. I better understand prejudice and its causes as well as how widespread prejudice is and how it is reflected in our media and language. I learned how to communicate better, identify conflicts, and resolve conflicts.I learned how cultural and gender differences can affect communication and sometimes hinder it. I found out the cause of Xenophobia and the effect of the oppression related to Xenophobia. I can now better understand the experience of people of color in the US. I can now better understand about the relationships between the European settlers and the Native Americans. I realized that both the Native Americans and slaves were taken advantage of greatly throughout the early history of the US. I can now better understand how Europeans obtained slaves and what it was like to be a slave. I found out that that the constitution does not address slavery though it consistently makes statements about the equality of all men. I can now better understand what the underground railroad was and what the Harlem Renaissance was. I also learned about the issues of religious freedoms and practices. I learned what type of activities can help reject oppressive relationships. I learned about sexism and heterosexism. Learning about all of these things will help make me a better employee and friend to those around me. This class has helped me understand what may be considered racist, sexist, heterosexist, etc. I now have a broader knowledge base of information regarding these issues and can apply them to my friends and family. I found out that that despite our overwhelming and daunting history of oppression and slavery, there have been pockets of social standouts. For example, The Harlem Renaissance ...

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...h of these issues more thoroughly. Though we are taught about them throughout our lives, it 's important to continually look at these issue and how they have evolved throughout our society. There have been many changes to our world and we now need to look at other aspects which are affected by “isms”. One that thing that I strongly believe now is that intent is not a sole factor in discriminatory policies or practices. It seems to be something we are still learning as a society and the underlying aspect of white privilege. Though one may not intend to discriminate against another, they may do so unknowingly. Still yet, this cannot be seen simply as innocent ignorance or obliviousness. It’s important to understand all of the isms to know how one may be impacting their coworkers. I can be a more socially aware person and play a positive role in educating others.

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