Rebellion Against Slavery in Fires of Jubilee by Stephen B. Oates

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Fires of Jubilee is a book that is talking about slavery and rebellion against it. The book is enjoyable but still is very saddening because of the occurrences in the plots. Slavery is not something to be happy about. Humans treating other humans with no mercy, and making them works with no pay for extended hours. The killings made by the slaves are saddening, too. Mutilating the whites and leaving their bodies lying is inhumane. It is such a shocking story. This book was meant to teach the reader on the inhumanity of slavery. It also gives us the image of what happened during the past years when slavery was practised. The book is significant in the sense that it gives even the current generation the knowledge of slavery, how it happened and the reason for slavery. It also shows us that whites and blacks are equal regardless of the skin colour. The point of equality is supported by the scene where Nat’s plans about freedom do not work but we understand that he had a lot of intelligence to plan that rebellion. This proves to us that blacks have equal intelligence as the whites since everyone being equal. The author tries to take us back to the ages of slavery and make us suffer with the slaves so as to feel how it was really like. The author succeeds in making us feel the pain and he succeeds in making us get that clear picture of what happened. The thesis of this book is that slavery, racism and discrimination should be set aside and tough penalties laid for those who practice it. This can reduce it by a great percentage and each generations. The book fires of jubilee is a book by Stephen B. Oates about a man who the name Nat Turner who experienced quite enough freedom when he was a kid and learned valuing it very much. He use... ... middle of paper ... ...lity between the whites and blanks regardless of the skin colour. Although Nat’s expectations were not met, but the rebellion injected some sense against slavery more need for freeing the slaves. In conclusion, this book shows us that slavery is against mankind and all people are equal concerned of the race. Racism has become an wide-ranging in many of the countries mostly in northern Europe and Russia. Skin colour means nothing but just an identity. Many people use it to discriminate others whereas they got equal intelligence and sometimes the person being discriminated upon could be having sharper brains. This book also written for kids and immigrants to learned more about the past of where they lives. I recommend that every person should see the other as a partner but not as superior than the other and by that there will not be any discrimination in our society.

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