Statement of Purpose
Racism is from a series of books that exploring ideas of social, political, and economic controversies from the national and international views of today. The author purpose for writing a book on racism is to show people different views of racism in America. Jennifer Hurley the author wanted to clear up the debates in current controversies of race problems in America. Some people believe the civil rights movement effectively eliminated racism in American society. Other people believe that racism is still alive and is prominent in African Americans lives, holding them back from their progression in American society. She focused on the history of racism, what was done to resolve the problems in America society, and what we can do towards the future to make the problem even better. She wanted to make an important resource for librarians, teachers, and student for many years to come. Having readers thinking about critical subjects will make their opinionated evaluation on racism enhanced. The author gives us the pros and cons of the issue of racism to have a well rounded ideal of the subject. The author did not just focus on one side of the story but both from the eyes of blacks and whites in America. Which gave it a theme gave it a theme of racism from eyes of all.
Jennifer Hurley is a published author and an editor of children's books and young adult books. She has eighteen books where she explains the subject of the topic is about just like the book Racism. Hurley has written all her books though Opposing Viewpoints which is a series of books on current issues of a specific subject. The author has wrote many books like American Values, Woman’s Rights, The Rights of Animals, making me feel confident that she ...

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...found people that were the best in that subject manner and applied them into the book, making her essay stronger.
Racism has different views you can look at it from, so much can come from the ideal that racism can be from anyone and be in so many different forms. The book Racism did the job of covering the topic of race from all the views, from everyday problems, governments issues, to peoples self thinking. I feel the author reach his goals in the book Racism. I made me more in tuned with myself and the views people have for and against racism. The book could have been worded earlier but this is a book with high thinking which took time to get use to. The person who would read Racism is a person who wants well rounded learning of the subject racism. The auothor uses detail information that is critical for person to learn some of this thinking level.
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