How Are Communication And Verbal Behavior Distinguished? Essays

How Are Communication And Verbal Behavior Distinguished? Essays

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1. How are communication and verbal behavior distinguished?
Communication and verbal behavior are distinguished because of how they are classified. Fixed action patterns are determined by antecedents. Comparatively, verbal behavior depends on the consequences, as it is operant behavior. However, all verbal behavior can be classified a as communication, but the opposite is not true for all communication being classified as verbal behavior.

2. What is the verbal community?
The verbal community is the audience whose responses reinforce the speaker. The reinforcement that the audience provides the speaker acts as a consequence for the operant behavior of speaking.

3. Describe how the speaker and listener are interchangeable in a verbal episode.
The speaker and listener are interchangeable in a verbal episode because during the episode, the discriminative stimulus and the reinforcement provider changes depending on the timing. The listener reinforces the speaker which often leads to the listener then becoming the speaker.

4. How does verbal behavior get acquired and shaped?
Verbal behavior is acquired through imitation and is shaped via consequences as it is operant behavior. The behavioral responses are reinforced over time thus shaping the individual’s verbal behavior.

5. What role does the listener play in verbal behavior?
The listener plays the role of reinforcing the responses that are classified as verbal behavior. Ultimately, shaping the speaker’s behavioral responses. Ultimately, listeners are required for the learning of verbal behavior.

6. How does an attempted conversation with a speaker of another language reveal instances and non-instances of verbal behavior?
An attempted conversation with a speaker of another langu...

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... presence of certain stimuli of other verbal behavior. Talking about the future dealt with from the perspective of verbal behavior is done by knowing that the requirement of past reinforcement history allows for the futuristic talk even though it has not occurred yet.

11. How can meaning be conceptualized from the perspective of verbal behavior?
Meaning can be conceptualized from the perspective of verbal behavior via thinking of meaning as a function of verbal behaviors. Ultimately, the utterance has a use and a following consequence.

12. How are grammar and syntax conceptualized from the perspective of verbal behavior?
Grammar and syntax are conceptualized from the perspective of verbal behavior based on the fact that they are not related to the function of the utterance. Grammar and syntax explain nothing about the use of the utterance, but only its structure.

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