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Homeless Children And Their Families Essays

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“Responding to the Voices of Homeless Preschool Children and Their Families” and article written for the Early Education Journal by Kevin J. Swick published online 5 June 2010. Homeless families have many obstacles to overcome health issues, poverty, lack of basic resources and exposure to unsafe communities. Early childhood professionals working with these families and children have a goal of helping to empower these families to improve their circumstances. To do this professionals most first listen to the people who our experiencing homelessness to help suggest strategies and ways to improve each individuals situation.
Listening to the “Voices” of people involved in family homelessness include mothers, children and professionals. Mothers can be considered the first responders as they see on a daily basis the effects homelessness has on their children due to the stressors within their everyday lives. The children are the victims as they deal with the trauma of eviction from their homes or the abuse by a parent. The children seek safe environments to help navigate themselves through these trying times. Professionals attempt to set up strategies that can assist in improving these families plight and possible prevent long term dysfunction. What have we learned from these “Voices”, homelessness comes in varying forms, it may be due to economic reasons or possible due to a violent family situation. Young children experience poverty, poor health and possible abuse treatment by their parents. Approximately 50-75% of homeless families have experienced some form of serious violence (Swick 2009). Homeless preschool children suffer from higher levels of health problems and poor nutrition. Children that are homeless are also les...

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...hildren in these environment’s deal with on a daily basis. Homeless children face main challenges that interfere with their formative year’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive growth are all influenced by homelessness. South Carolina has acknowledged this problem and is supplying resources and centers to help turn the tide on homelessness. Many parents want to help their children but are unable to figure out the path to reach these goals. The two centers that are available are there to help make a difference in many homeless preschool children’s life. Communities need to realize there is a problem and take steps to improve these families’ lives. The homeless children did not ask to be put into this position they should not be the ones to suffer more resources and centers should be available to help empower these families and help change the repeating lifestyle.

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