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  • Stereotypes and Stereotyping - My Boyfriend, the Half-Breed

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    Stereotyping - My Boyfriend, the Half-Breed I sat across the table from my dad while he stared at me with a disbelieving look on his face. My mom sat to the right of me with tears in her eyes. She could see my pain as well as my dads, and she knew the war that was about to start between my own father and me. My brother sat to the left of me making comments that only made the situation worse. I could feel myself dying inside as my heart began to break. I had no idea how to deal with the situation

  • The Boyfriend

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    Have you ever imagined your boyfriend dying and then coming back to kill you? Well this is not something you usually think about, but it might happen. The author R.L. Stein will take you through this in the book “The Boyfriend”. “The Boyfriend” was first published in 1990. This book is an exciting mystery- fiction book. This story takes place in various places. The main part of the story takes place in Joanna’s house. Joanna’s house in situated in a fancy community called Middle wood. The houses

  • Boyfriend

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    of his fangs then thought of how hot it seemed. Then, she started to laugh at how perverted that seemed. Nathan pulled back and smiled. “What's so funny?” “Nothing,” she said letting the laughter subside to a grin. Lily leaned into his ear. “My boyfriend is a Monster,” she whispered. Nathan leaned into hers. “My girlfriend is a dork.” She quickly threw her arms around him and kissed him. Lily had a thousand questions, but for now she just wanted to kiss him, hold him, and just be with him ... and

  • Boyfriend

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    out of the picture and cheering,... ... middle of paper ... ...tionship too?” she asked almost regretting it. Her new sense of empowerment was a roller coaster. Rick chuckled mockingly. “That's funny Lily, no. This is the result of your new boyfriend blind siding me.” “Like you blindsided Todd,” Lily countered. Lily knew Nathan interrupted the assault, but she just assumed they ran away. “That faggot embarrassed me,” Rick said staring at the knife in Lily's hand, then at her. “The cops are looking

  • Boyfriend

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    Pacing back and forth Martin ignored the young couple waiting at the dessert counter. Like a child waiting for punishment to be handed down Lily waited at her table patiently. “How can you almost get yourself killed?” he asked Todd ignoring Lily completely. “Well I don't think she purposely set out this morning to get her self-killed,” Todd replied then quickly looked at Lily who shook her head to concur. “That is my point Papi, she doesn't think.” “I think she thinks,” he said getting confused.

  • Boyfriend

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    Andy was also caught off guard as he ran straight into the clutches of a Monster. Grabbing Andy by the neck the Preacher picked him straight up into the air and squeezed. His face instantly went purple as blood was already dripping from his nose and ears. Squeezing harder, he became overjoyed and watched the blood start to run from his eyes. The pressure became so overwhelming Andy's eyes began rupturing. Finally, the Preacher slammed his body on the counter. Amber jolted at the sound of the thud

  • Boyfriend

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    He looked around the room, but everyone in it shared no concern that he was about to die. Looking back at the man in front of him he tried to speak. “Oh shut up,” the man named Tyre (sounds like Tear) said with a strong Scottish accent. Tyre lifted his hand holding a heart that was still pumping. He did not look like a man who would proclaim himself a God. He was short and almost chubby. His bald head looked like it was a choice, but even if it wasn't you could tell it would be thin. His long red

  • Boyfriend

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    “Why's that Boss?” Quinn asked yanking his hand away. “Because if you were born human you'd be dead, my guess would be shortly after you learnt to crawl,” he answered looking back at Percy for confirmation. Percy gave Quinn a quick look over and thought about it for a second. “Crawl right into oncoming traffic I reckon,” he said laughing in complete judgment and causing Quinn to lower his eyes into his teacup. Percy turned back to Tyre and continued where their last conversation left off. “Well our

  • Boyfriend

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    “Hey Martin,” she came up with while still adjusting her clothes. “What's going on?” she asked him trying to come across as if nothing in this area was going on. Especially nothing like the fact that she would have let Nathan taker her right then and there in the hallway was written all over her red blushed face. “Just wanted to say, I hope you two have a good time,” Martin said looking at Lily raising his eyes that said – not too good. “And to remind you I will be at the hospital most of the night

  • Boyfriend

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    “Haven't you heard?” Todd asked. But Nathan only shook his head. “It's been all over the news for week's sweetie.” He grabbed the newspaper and showed him the front page. “We might have a serial killer on the loose, the last murder not too far from here.” Finding he seemed to steer away from television and radio he usually got what little news he did from reading the paper, if he even bothered with those. Over the past couple of centuries he found the media seemed to occupy too much and/or depress