Persuasive Essay On Homelessness

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Introduction Homelessness in the United States has been an important subject that the government needs to turn its attention to. There has been announced in the news that the number of the homeless people in many major cities in the United States has been increasing enormously. According to United States Interagency Council on Homelessness reported that there was an estimation of 83,170 individuals have experienced chronic homelessness on the streets of the United States’ streets and shelters on only a single night of January 2015, which is a small decrease of only 1% from the previous year (People Experiencing Chronic Homelessness, n.d.). The United States must consider this subject that most of the people underestimate it and not pay attention…show more content…
Education is also a fundamental thing that people need to gain. It helps in many aspects. Financing Employment Programs for Homeless People reported that the first aspect, it helps in making the society more educated instead of making half of them educated. This will help the homeless people with the mental health by making use their effort on things that will benefit them in the future. According to Huffpost Impact in the subject of Library Offers Homeless People Mental Health Services, and Its Work, mentioned that they have done blood tests on some homeless people, and they found that some of them have higher blood pressure that could harm their lives (Libraries are often the safest place for homeless people, 2016). Also, Esguerra has met with a homeless person and found that this person was doing a full clinical assessment. Then she has shown the homeless person colleagues at the San Francisco homeless outreach team, and then they have provided case management and housing. According to the article, San Francisco has about 6,600 homeless people has started something trend. City Lab (2016) indicated that homeless visitors receive various types of support in different libraries. Esguerra added that the programs are “ Humanizing homelessness throughout the library, and the library becomes a sanctuary for many of the patrons and our program helps them to feel safe
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