Essay about Home Healthcare Vs. Physician

Essay about Home Healthcare Vs. Physician

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Home healthcare has always been available. It was just done only in cases of emergency. Going as far

as the 1920s, if someone become gravely ill, the doctor would come to them. This was the trend until

they realized that, while the doctor was giving attention to that one patient, someone who needed him

was dying. That started the popularity of hospitals. This way the patients would all be in one place and

the doctor could treat everyone in a timely manner. This worked, but soon it was realized that many of

these patients needed follow-up visits, monitoring of medications and help adjusting to the new

lifestyle due to the illness. According to a USA Today article (May 2012), home healthcare become

popular around the late 80s. Registered nurses were the first to test out the new kind of care. They

would go the the patients home to check blood pressure, blood sugar level and assess the patient 's

overall progress.

The home healthcare benefits both patients and physician. One of the most profitable forms of

home healthcare is home/adult sitting. This is done by CNAs, LPNs, and RNs. This allows elderly I

individuals to stay in their home and be productive without being institutionalized. For example, the

certified nurses assistant helps them with cooking, taking medications on a set schedule, washing

clothes and even washing their bodies. This helps the patient to adjust back to the normal events of

everyday life, while they are recuperating. Family members are able to go to work ,knowing that there

is someone with their love one. They are not alone and if an emergency occurs the aid would know

what to do. Travel and distance are also to main factors in home healthcare. There are many people

who are disabled, a...

... middle of paper ...

they will have different activities to do everyday. That can range from playing cards to going to the grocery store. For a patient, it means a great deal.

Healthcare is constantly changing. There are new advancements everyday. The home

healthcare industry is is expected to grow 18% within the next year. The benefits to professionals and

patients continue to grow. Patients talking with doctor and finding the best form of care is key to their

productivity. Nursing homes are over crowded and hospitals are cold and clinical. Patients need this

industry and therefore it should be suggested when available. Professionals can reach the unattainable

patients and improve their wellness. By growing this industry it will improve. More people will

regain their health and healthcare professionals will be able to master their skill and increase wellness

in society.

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