Caring for Children with Cystic Fibrosis

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Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is a life-altering event. During this time, life is not only difficult for the patient, but also for their loved ones. Families must learn to cope together and to work out the best options for the patient and the rest of the family. Although it may not be fair at times, things may need to be centered on or around the patient no matter what the circumstance. (Abbott, 2003) Sacrifices may have to be made during difficult times. Many factors are involved when dealing with chronic illnesses. Coping with chronic illnesses alter many different emotions for the patients and the loved ones. Many changes occur that are very different and difficult to get used to. (Abbott, 2003) It is not easy for someone to sympathize with you when they haven’t been in the situation themselves. No matter how many books they read or people they talk to, they cannot come close to understanding.

Along with the problems of chronic illnesses themselves, many other problems may come. Treatments and medications are just the beginning of things when it comes to problems with illnesses. With cystic fibrosis, you start out with a high number of medications and treatments to begin with. The older you get and the worse your condition gets, the more you take. (“Psychological impact,” n.d.) Many struggles come along with taking these medications and treatments. When children are first diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, they are typically very young. From the beginning, there are many medications and treatments that needed to be taken and done. Sometimes, trying to get children to take medications and treatments is like pulling teeth. The medications for cystic fibrosis are extremely important. If cystic fibrosis patients miss medica...

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...will be my first year of walking in the Great Strides event for cystic fibrosis at the Cleveland Zoo. In order to walk you have to make a commitment of a certain amount of money to raise for the walk. I am beyond excited to participate in this walk and I cannot wait to find other ways to help out cystic fibrosis and other chronic illnesses.

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  • Describes laura's life in breathing for a living: a memoir, where she explains how life was sometimes difficult for her. she never mentioned moping about all the things she couldn't do.
  • Analyzes how the class discussed the importance of caregivers in the lives of patients with chronic illnesses.
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