Essay on The History of the Labor Movement up to the Present

Essay on The History of the Labor Movement up to the Present

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Research the history of the Labor Movement up to the present.
Labor Unions were made to help the worker. The first know labor union was in New York in 1768 when New York Journeymen protested wage agreements ( Staff). Then later in 1794 a bunch of journeymen otherwise known as shoemakers formed together to form what was the first known Union ( Staff). Labor Unions actually started with skilled workers. Not many factory workers were part of a union. One of the most famous Labor Unions is known as the Knight of Unions and is also when the national labor union was formed in 1866 ( Staff). In 1825 the first all-women’s Union was created ( 1999 almost 75,000 works were unionized in Los Angeles with the slogan “If the Global Economy Doesn’t Work for Working Families, It Doesn’t Work” (AFL-CIO).
Why Did the Labor Union Grow?
Labor unions started to grow because back in the 20th century the jobs were mostly farmed based and then it took a turn for the factories. Fights would break out and most people turned to violence to solve their issues when they may have just wanted an extra nickel on the hour ( Labor Unions grew because as time went on more people needed them to grow. Today many Americans depend upon factories for work. Manufacturing represents about 17.4 million jobs in America (National Association of Manufacturing). So, they need someone to represent there common interest. Maybe, they are not getting paid enough money or maybe there working in volatile conditions. Someone has to stand up for the worker. As things continue to grow us need more people to watch out for the workers.

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