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History of Electricity Essay

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The oldest civilization known to understand electricity was the ancient Greeks because of the electric fish in the Nile River. In the 1600’s William Gilbert an English Physician studied electricity and magnetism; studies were continued by other researchers such as Robert Boyle and Benjamin Franklin. Then by the 1800’s scientist Allesandro Volta had identified a way to harness electricity in a battery format and he had also discovered the chemical reactions that electricity could produce. Volta also invented the first device with a steady current known as the electric battery, and he also created the first transmission of electricity by linking positively-charged and negatively-charged connectors and driving an electric charge through them. The battery format was perfected by NikolaTelsa and Thomas Edison. Thomas A. Edison invented the light bulb 1879, but the flashlight wasn’t invented until the year 1902 because it depended on other inventions other than light bulbs such as the electric battery. (Source A) Today elec-tricity is has grown to be a major factor in about everything in life whether its watching televi-sion or listening to the radio, or even if you are sick hospitals need electricity to keep their pa-tients healthy.
Electricity plays a major role on the modern life electricity is now a critical component of every house. Electricity provides many of our luxuries today including: computer, air conditioning, transportation, electrical motors, heating, etcetera. We know what electricity can give us but what exactly is electricity? That is a hard question that even teachers and engineers have trouble grasping the concept of electricity, and at the end of the day no one really knows what it is exactly. But, there is a cou...

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...o in our daily lives. Whether it’s the flow of energy or the imbalance of electrons and protons electrical energy is very important to the modern society. Electricity is what separates us from all the other generation and it makes us more civilized, and whether it is bad or not we need electricity to keep this amazing ball of dirt and water that we call earth flowing.

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