Thomas Edison: Fulfillment of Dreams

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Everyone knows Thomas Edison, the father of electricity; and most think hero at his name. He may have invented many things that either evolved into, or were inherently pinnacles of technology. Thomas Edison was a hero because he gave a perfect picture of the American Dream, he worked hard for what he loved, followed his dreams, and changed the world in the process; he set the example that all people would one day follow. To achieve one’s goal through hard work and dedication, that is what makes him a hero.
Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio 1847. (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition. Dec2013, p1-1. 1p) Edison even from a young age knew what he loved to do and started working to achieve his goals. (6) Thomas Edison was responsible for many of the world’s greatest inventions and technology, such as the light bulb and the phonograph. When Thomas Edison was young he had a series of small businesses to finance his passion for chemistry and technology (Phyllis Barkas Goldman “Thomas Alva Edison 1847-1931” 5). Thomas delivered newspapers and as explained by Phyllis Goldman, “expanded his business by offering to sell bread, tobacco etc.”(5). He later had a train compartment in which he not only practiced his craft but continued his businesses and even started his own newspaper (7).
One of the many reasons for Edison’s success was the fact that he was extremely, if not, ridiculously proactive. He was a businessman by the age of 12 (4).Thomas never stopped working. He was a child of infinite curiosity and energy (3). Phyllis Goldman describes Thomas Edison as “an extremely inquisitive and energetic child. He was constantly searching for answers to questions” (3). Thomas Edison had an inclination for science even at a young age...

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... learn something from him. Thomas Edison did what thousands upon thousands of people spend their lives trying to do, he fulfilled his dreams, and he reached for the stars and did not stop halfway up. Everyone can take something away from his story, to make their own lives the best they can be. Everyone can reach for the stars, and he made that possible. That is why Thomas Edison is a hero.

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