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Fame Isn’t Everything

“Who do you think is the greatest inventor to ever walk on the earth?” If a group of people were to be asked this question the responses would surely be predictable; Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Samuel F.B. Morse, or the obvious Thomas Edison. However, if this group knew the life and contributions of Serbian- American scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla, all of their answers would surely change. You may not be able to say that “Tesla” is a house hold name, on the other hand, his idea and contributions to technology continue to exist in our households themselves. Despite his lack of funds, Tesla managed nearly three hundred patents. Many of the inventions for which these patents were issued still exist in our every lives; the remote control, the induction motor, and the radio are just a few pieces of technology that were helped brought to life by the mind of Nikola Tesla. In addition to these physical innovations, Tesla also discovered more efficient and economic ways to transport and transform electrical energy. Every time a cell phone charger is plugged into the wall, or a television is turned on, the type of electricity that passes through the device is alternating current, a theory developed and utilized by Tesla. The system of power lines that run from the power plant to the homes across the globe was also an Idea of Tesla. These innovations would arguably, in the opinion of many, make Nikola Tesla the greatest inventor who ever lived. No one man ever accomplished so much by himself.
Confucius once said, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” Several millennia passed before anyone would be able to experience music whenever and wherever they wanted, without having to ...

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...rting out, Tesla devised a “Spark Gap” which discharges sparks between two electrodes. The gap should be adjustable as to control the amount of voltage that crosses it at one given time.
Shortly after he was found dead by a maid in his hotel suite on January 7th, 1943 Nikola Tesla was a name rarely uttered. He soon fell out of the memory of the public. Despite this he was a man before his time. Tesla set the world on a course into the twenty first century a hundred years prior to the new millennium. His life proves that being famous does not make you the greatest. If Nikola Tesla never shared his interest in electricity with the world, this essay would probably not have been types over a Wi-Fi signal on a wireless laptop that charges with AC power. Nikola Tesla may not be a household name, but that does not mean his idea are not used every day in our households.

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  • Opines that nikola tesla is the greatest inventor to ever walk on the earth, despite his lack of funds. tesla's inventions include the remote control, induction motor, and radio.
  • Explains that marconi claimed he invented the first radio, but tesla filed a basic radio patent in september of 1897, which was granted in march of 1900.
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