Hinduism And Islam : Religion Essay

Hinduism And Islam : Religion Essay

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Religion can be representative of a person’s fundamental, spiritual beliefs whereby he or she follows a certain set of principles that allows him or her to worship a particular entity. Some individuals hold the belief that there is only one existent God, while others believe there are multiple Gods; thus leading to the ideas of a polytheistic and monotheistic religion. In present day, there are many religions that fall within the aforementioned categories, but two particularly interesting ones are Hinduism and Islam. These two religions encountered each other and flourished in the motherland, known as India. However, through the extreme differences in religious beliefs, major wars influenced by politics, and the development of architectural structures, Hinduism and Islam fueled a partition and became separated from each other.
Differences, whether it pertains to opinions or beliefs, can often times lead to negative outcomes. In the case of Hinduism and Islam, the major differences in both of their religious beliefs lead to the occurrence of many religious conflicts. In the middle ages, Islam expanded into the “Indian Peninsula”, and began to threaten the way of life of many Hindus. Muslims, the worshippers of Islam, believe in one God because their religion is monotheistic, and is based upon the teachings of Muhammad; who lived between the time periods of 570-632 BCE (Sullivan). On the other hand, Hinduism is believed to be a polytheistic religion whereby they have a set of diverse beliefs. These two religions are different in many aspects especially when it pertains to their respective practices, places of worship and their religious laws or principles. Nonetheless, these differences sparked violence, and created a strong tensi...

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...onstant want and need for control would have never allowed them to put their differences aside in order to be one, united nation.
The religious conflicts between the Muslims and Indians have been ongoing issues for many ages in history, and it continues to be apart of history even today. These two religious groups hold different beliefs in who they worship, where they worship and how they worship. Even though Islam expanded into British India, and influenced some Hindus to convert to Islam, the religious tension still continued to grow, thus leading to major wars and the destruction of temples and mosques. Nonetheless, the differences in beliefs that each religion has will continue to set them apart, and cause them to constantly fight with each other because of their need to have political control through their religion to show that one is dominant over the other.

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