HIgher Education in California Essay

HIgher Education in California Essay

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Higher Education in California
1. Guiding question: What is the state of California’s higher education now and in the following years?
2. Thesis: The public universities in California were some time back the envy of the world. Following the state of California founding “master plan” for its higher education, which was made law in the year 1960, it provided for approximately 12.5% of high school graduates in the California state have a guaranteed entry to the well acknowledged University of California system. On the other hand, the community colleges accepted everyone else, adults inclusive. This “master plan” extended higher education in the state and also led to the growth of other highly proclaimed institutions such as UCLA and Berkeley. The question is, has this system been maintained? And what is the future of California’s higher education?
Citation: California, University of California Master Plan for Higher Education.1 March 2014 .
Summary and Analysis: In the document University of California Master Plan for higher Education, under the access and variation of entrance polls, University of California was to pick out from amid the topmost 12.5% of the graduates from high school . Also, California State University was to pick out from amongst the top 33.3% of the graduates from high school and the California Community Colleges were to accept any student who was able to gain from higher learning.
Response: I agree with the master plan and its applicability back when it was instituted in 1960. However, with the changes in public universities in California, they have been facing hard times with fiscal woes. The universities’ influences were tied together with those of the California state. The financial ...

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...as brought about and the impact of reduced funding to universities. I believe it is a viable source of information from the statistical data it presents.

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