The Cost of Higher Education

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The cost of college is on a constant up rise. Unfortunately, there's no perfect formula for figuring out how much money college will cost. The costs for things like tuition and books change every semester and depend on the college or university that you select(Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, 2014). The cost differs for students who decide to attend an out of state college versus in state, as well as the students who attend private colleges over universities and for those who commute instead of living on campus. The main question posed is if secondary education is worth the cost colleges ask? In the sense of self-satisfaction, job opportunities and overall growth secondary education is worth its asking price. Opening doors beyond our vast imaginations college leads to bigger and better things. Although college tuition will always be at a constant up rise all should strive for higher education but acquiring a secondary education. Even though there's no exact answer to what it costs to go to college today, it is possible to make a good guess. Figure out what kind of school you want to attend and find out how much it costs to attend. From there, tack on an estimated percentage increase — five percent per year is a good guess(Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, 2014). According to Merkein(2013) the average sticker prices at the nation's four-year public universities rose 2.9% this year, the smallest annual increase in more than three decades, suggesting that the steeper increases over the past few years "did not signal a new era of accelerating prices," says a report out Wednesday(Merkein , 2013). “A college education is one of the best investments that students and families can make,” Coleman (Hechinger, 2013). Yet ... ... middle of paper ... ...m Merkein, M. B. (2013, October 23). Colleges see a slowdown in tuition price increases. Retrieved January 30, 2014, from Shumski, D. (2013, August 27). Obama's new higher ed proposal: 4 pros and 4 cons | Education Dive. Retrieved February 1, 2014, from Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation (2014). Learn About the Cost of College. Retrieved February 18, 2014, from U.S. Department of Education (2011). Fast Facts. Retrieved February 9, 2014, from
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