High Stakes Testing Should Be Banned Essay

High Stakes Testing Should Be Banned Essay

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Imagine that you are a 3rd grade teacher, standardized testing is around the corner and if your class performs poorly, your salary will be cut in the following year. It 's true that many within the school system believe high stakes testing is appropriate, but it negatively effects the school system from the district to the student. The destructive effects, however minimal, are not to be overlooked, no matter the constructive progress. High Stakes testing began as an exercise in accountability, however, it has morphed into a nest of politics that is negatively upsetting many aspects of learning. High stakes testing should be removed from the school system, and only implemented in waves of productive growth and accountability.
High stakes testing is any test used to make important decisions about students, educators, schools, or districts. In general, “high stakes” means that test scores are used to determine punishments, advancement, or compensation. (Abbott) This is essentially the government officials that aren’t physically in the schools, using a concrete stratagem to deliver concrete results, while what they are measuring is fluid and dependent on too many factors to rely on the results. Penalizing everyone from the districts to the students for the results of a test that aren’t an accurate representation is unethical.
There is a negative impact on teachers placed by the pressure of high stakes testing. The administrators that are supportive of high stakes testing claim that this standard will keep the teachers accountable. We cannot govern morality with laws, and force. The amount of teachers that are suddenly behaving with character because of high stakes testing is little to non existent, because morality isn’t governed in...

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...e’s a lot of work to be done in the years ahead, but it is undeniable that in 2015, educators and parents made a compelling case to end the high-stakes testing madness and bring real teaching and learning back to the classroom – and lawmakers took notice.” (Walker).
While there are many issues with education, and the reform, I see it as more of a continual evolution. This is not about any one person, or a hunt to take down anyone in particular. We have to remember the bigger picture is taking care of the kids, and educators. High stakes testing was attempted and failed, the faster we pick up the pieces, the less loss we will sustain. We have an obligation to protect those unfairly punished by these standards. With a swift implementation, ruled with the vision of what education should be, we can achieve an educational system we can be proud of.

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