Charles Darwin's Scientific Theory of Evolution

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Charles Darwin is well-known for his groundbreaking work on evolutionary biology. Among his many contributions, The Origin of Species is the most associated with his name. He introduces the scientific theory of evolution and suggests that species have evolved over a period of many generations through a process called natural selection. Darwin's theories have created much controversy among his colleagues and led to great amounts of debate. However, the massive amount of criticism directed at Darwin convinced him to make to revisions. As a result, his future editions would differ considerably from the earlier versions and he also responds to some of the issues people had with his theory in the later versions. Unfortunately, his adjustments had somewhat obscured his original argument, which is the reason of his first edition being the best representation of Darwin’s ideas.

Charles Darwin begins Origin of Species by explaining his theory of natural selection. He claims that the breeders of animals and plants have had a profound impact with the changes they created among domesticated species. Darwin used the common practice of breeding animals as a way to introduce artificial selection in order to help the readers of 1859 understand the possibility of nature also being capable of producing similar changes through the same selective process. Darwin is firm that his theory of variation and inheritance plays a vital role in human reproduction. However, these kinds of ideas were treated as absurd as there was no direct evidence at the time that supported the belief of genetics. The idea was that people were made up of genetic variables and that each gene would be passed on as a unit to the next generation. As a result, Darwin argued t...

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...aware that fossil records contradicted him as they represented the fact that new species had appeared with no evidence of an evolutionary ancestry. Darwin argued that fossil record was not accurate and should not be used as an indication on whether species are introduced suddenly. He also claimed that rocks containing fossils are only created through special situations and after the long period of time from when it was created. Another issue that is related to fossils was born after the sudden discovery of a whole group of living things at a certain point in the fossil records. The best example of this occurring was with the discovery of all the basic modern types that originated from the Cambrian era. Darwin tries to argue that the imperfections of the records include these fossils. Although he had plenty of hypotheses for this, he had no evidence to back it up.
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