High School Students Should Not Be Mandatory Essay

High School Students Should Not Be Mandatory Essay

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Many children in the public school system will tell you that they do not enjoy going to PE because they feel it is a pointless class. Most students are only active in PE a third of the time, making it a waste of their time. The games played in PE are not strenuous enough to give enough activity. PE takes away from another academic class that could help with college acceptance and boosting GPA, which would be much more beneficial for students. Even though some people say PE is beneficial all four years of high school, students will not benefit from PE being mandatory throughout their entire high school career and would benefit more from being able to take an academic class in its place.
In reality, there is not a lot of physical activity happening in PE. In a typical forty-five minute PE class, there are only 16 minutes on physical activity going on per day (Chen 2), or a third of the period. According to the Institute of Medicine, “high school students should get an average of 45 minutes a day in PE.” (Hellmich 5). As most schools have 45 minutes classes, this goal is never met because of time it takes to change and actually start doing physical activity. The entire point of PE is to require students to be active for a portion of the day and when you are only being active a third of the time it defeats the purpose of it. Students would get around the same amount of exercise walking to their classes, which would be more beneficial than play a game that that doesn’t require physical exertion.
Most of the games played in PE are games that require teams and waiting in a line for your turn. More time is wasted standing in line or standing in the outfield talking to friends than actually taking your turn and being active. If schools...

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...s requiring them to be active. Even if they are in PE, the students who don’t want to be active won’t be active, therefore requiring them to waste a period which they could be using for more academic classes.
High school students would benefit more from an academic class than PE in high school. PE becomes a waste of time when the classes give inadequate exercise through playing games that requires standing in a line. Students that want to get the amount of exercise recommended do not use PE to get fit; they take initiative outside of class through sports or fitness programs outside of school. Students treat PE as a blowoff class, so why not make it optional so students can take a class that they actually have to work in instead? Schools want the best for their students: is making them take PE really the best option, or is letting them take academic classes better?

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