High School Is What You Make Of It Essay

High School Is What You Make Of It Essay

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High School is what you make of it. It can either make you oHigh School is what you make of it. It can either make you or break you, it’s the dreadful truth and I didn’t realize it until now. Within just four years of High School, I’ve learned so much and experienced many breakthroughs that now that I think about it, it’s like it’s all over now. I am in the next stage of my life. However, all of this didn’t come easy as it is now. It was a major growing process from freshman year to senior year to become what I truly wanted to become in life, a future educator for children and help them strive no matter where they 're origins are or life struggles to remind them that they can do it, just like I did.
However, I had no clue that being the first child that will graduate and attend college in my family was the most challenging obstacle I’d ever have to face in my life.
As the oldest sister of two younger siblings, it was stressful for me to set an example of myself and also finish the piles of homework and studying left to do. My main focus was to just be accepted in college, and take advantage of the opportunity I have now, which was having an education. Coming from a Latino/Hispanic family, my parents didn 't have the sufficient amount of money to continue their education. The struggles that my parents had to face inspire me everyday to keep moving forward achieving success and get to where I want to be.
With that, I knew that I needed to do more of myself and I did. I have accomplished the many things that I’ve set my mind to such as: Striving to get all A’s , Being in extra-curricular activities like Science Club, Drama Club, Student Council Secretary, Senior Cabinet , being a participant in the Fort Worth Regional Science and ...

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...l do anything in my will to make sure every student moves forward and keep moving forward. To dream bigger than the world itself, for them to believe that they can be the next president of the United States or become the person to cure cancer. We educators have the students in our hands, it 's up to us to create the next great generation to make this world a better a place.
The opportunity to finish my education, will be a huge blessing to me. I want my parents to be very proud of me and I want to become the best teacher that I can be. Despite the many struggles I 've had, the mental breakdowns, the doubting myself, I want to inspire my students that even if being the oldest sister first to attend college can be the toughest job in the world, i know deep inside that they can achieve anything. We are all given the same qualities, it 's up to us to what we make of it.

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