Analysis Of Couple In The Cage

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The film, "Couple in the Cage", represents how indigenous people were taken around the United States like circus acts. Oboler and Flores had similar ideas about what it means to be Hispanic. The "Monroe Doctrine" proved Latinos have been seen as dependents in the United States since the beginning. Finally, Joseph and Roseberry investigated the term “culture” in their pieces. This essay will explore how the film “Couple in the Cage” illustrates concepts written by Flores, Oboler, Monroe, Joseph, and Roseberry about to Latinos in the United States. (90) The term "Hispanic" was created to group South America together. However, in Oboler 's preface "We All Sing A Different Song", she argues that the term does not acknowledge the cultural diversity in South America. "The attributes are imputed to be common to the group 's members and are used to homogenize the group". This argument is a parallel to how the audience in the film constructed their own theory of what a Latino is, based on the couple. Although they were speaking gibberish, the viewers assumed the pair was speaking Spanish when paid to…show more content…
"We could not view any interposition for the purpose of pressing them or controlling in any other manner their destiny, by any European power." This document forced Latinos to be dependent on the United States to protect them. In the film, the American tour guides put on gloves to feed and monitor the food intake of the couple and lead them on leashes. These actions are a metaphor to the dependency of the Monroe Doctrine. The spectators made observations on how the couple must love the American products like the TV and coke bottles, even though the couple did not understand it. These comments are further proof of the American belief that imposing products and culture onto “dependent” foreign land will improve lifestyles.
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